"the heart has its reasons which reason does not know." -Blaise Pascal

Sunday, September 26th, 2010 ;

{ c'est la vie }

name: Kamelija "Kami" Sofia
"Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss."
age: 22
neighborhood: Manhattan
style: street style casual with a lot of accessories, high-end and likes to dress up occasionally
school: Columbia, law
job: Event planner
personality: Known as Kami to all of her friends, she has a smile that is contagious and spreads like the flu. She likes to have fun and let loose, living for the moment rather than for the picture. She's dedicated and will go for anything she wants. Many of the boys see Kami as almost the perfect catch - happy, loyal, beautiful and smart - but Kami always turns them down. She'll do dates, but she won't do commitment. She doesn't like letting people into her life, fearing that they will use her. Since she is usually all smiles, people can never tell if it's real or fake, conniving or happy. She deceives people easily, as well as often, and lying comes naturally to her, using it to get what she wants since she is living off her own paychecks. Kami is afraid to show her true feelings and emotions to people, and even when she tells the harsh truth about you, you can't help but smile back at her because there's something in the way she said it or looked at you that made you think it was the sweetest insult ever. She can be the sweetest b.tch you will ever meet, and she will never let you all the way in.
family/history: Kami comes from a rich upper class family of socialites. Her mom and her father are both wealthy and very well-mannered. They were always pictured as the happy family, along with her brother. It all changed when he died, and this is the one secret she will never even come close to telling anyone about. Kami became depressed and started to rebel, being plastered all over the latest tabloids. Her parents managed to get her out of the press, but never managed to get her to stay at home. She found her own place at eighteen and ever since, has barely contacted her parents - only for financial help. She found a steady job to help pay for her education, though she was almost immediately accepted because of her name. Kami is trying to be independent the only way she can and plans to keep it this way.
relationship status: single
relationship with other girls:
model: Olivia Wilde
taken by: anonyMISS
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