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saturday, january seventh.
mood: ruthless.
style: colorful and preppy.
hair: down and straight.
with: everyone at the party.
venue: // seventh. – Tiffany’s engagement party.

@secretsinsandlies: did david get the ring from Tiffany & Co.? okay, bad pun. sorry.
and i apologize in advance if this conflicts with any other events that occurred today.


“congratulations, /Tiffany Kors/,” i said, bouncing a small Viktor & Rolf bag around. “i thought you and David would like matching bow-ties for a night out.”

she took the bag, giving me a side hug. “thanks so much, Asp! and hey, enjoy yourself, okay?”

i nodded, looking around at the other guests at my dining table. “definitely.”

with a quick wave she walked away, meeting Shawnie along the way.

i sighed, glancing around my table once more. 
i never knew i could feel so alone even though i wasn’t alone.

a blonde,

that curly blonde,
those curly blonde locks,
those curly blonde, signature, locks,

caught my eye. 

it was that Darcy, sitting a table across from me.
Cameron, was noticeably absent.

“hah,” i scoffed, obviously grabbing her attention because she mumbled something inaudible. 

Peter looked towards Darcy’s general direction, Isaac soon followed and then became interested in his plate of food. 
they both murmured something inaudible.

i put my fork down on my plate loudly, 
causing the three of them to look up at me in surprise.

“how about i leave,” i barked, jumping up from my seat. “then you three can talk about me in without whispering,” i spat, especially towards Darcy.

i pushed back my chair and stomped away, unable to hide the scorn on my face.

“Aspen!” Darcy shouted, leaping from her seat and trailing me attentively. “Asp, talk to me!” 

“get away from me,” i shooed, trying to keep my voice calm as i continued walking away.

“i know you, Aspen,” she persisted. “you always try to hide in a little shell when something bothers you – why can’t you just express it?”
i ignored her.
“what?” she asked, aggravated. “do you want me to say i’m sorry? is that it? well i’m /sorry/, Aspen! i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!” 

i spun around on my heel, my eyes wide, my fists balled – i almost looked crazy. “shut up! i don’t need your da/mn apologies! i don’t need to hear your pathetic voice. and i don’t /need/ you!”

i rushed out of toward the corner of the room, ready to explode.

“Aspen!” Darcy yelled, running to catch up to me. “i’m talking to you,” Darcy declared firmly, grabbing my wrist to stop me.

“get off of me!” i spat, throwing my arm out of her grasp. 

“i’m just trying to help you,” defended Darcy. 

“you wanna help? then get away from me you little sl/ut!” i retorted.

but Darcy didn’t care, she reached for my shoulder and spun me around. “don’t call me a sl/ut!” she said defensively. 

“don’t touch me!” i growled, brushing her hand off my shoulder. “don’t /ever/ touch me!”

“that’s your problem, Aspen, you never let people in.”

“of course i do,” i retort, scanning Darcy rapidly. “but not the way /you/ do.”

“what’s /that/ suppose to mean?”

“it means you let boys in you, you little sl/ut!”

“i’m not a sl/ut!” she said in a prickly, high pitched voice. “well, if you would just /talk to me/ then i wouldn’t have to battle for your attention!”

“fine, you want to talk? get the hell away from me!” i snapped, sharply and low.
“you’re unbelievable, Aspen!” she complained, narrowing her eyes with a look of disbelief on her façade. “Gosh, you’re so stubborn! why can’t you just accept the fact that Cam and i are dating and move on?”

“oh, i’ll move on. just /without you/.”

“you can’t just erase me from your life, Aspen!”

“really? ‘cause i think i can prove you wrong.”

Darcy stopped for a moment, stunned, and gazing around a band of onlookers who were observing us, made them scatter instantly.
after she regained her composure, she turned back to me. “so that’s it?”

“yeah. now get out of my life.”

she sighed in frustration, laying both her hands on my shoulders. “listen to me—”

“i told you /not to fu/cking touch me/!” i screamed, shoving her away.
“and i’m telling you to listen to me!” she yelled, and this time, shoving me back even harder.

“yeah? well tell me what you want to say then!” i shouted, shoving Darcy into the dessert table.

it collapsed with a magnificent crash as Darcy and i were upon each other.
the horde of people began panicking.
we began pulling each other’s hair, clawing each other’s faces, we were locked in a wrestling press, each trying to push the other to the ground.

“i’m too easy on you!” Darcy screamed, pulling my headband off and throwing it at my face. “you were never there for me!”

“and since when did you receive the ‘greatest-friend-award?!’” i spat, kicking her shin.

i ran behind the other dessert table, using it as a shield as Darcy hobbled over. 

“i can’t believe i called you my friend!” she shrieked, pouncing and clawing me.

“that makes two of us! you are the biggest mistake of my life!”

“oh, i’m /sorry/ i wasted those seventeen of friendship with you – you never mentioned my mistakes then.”
“because i didn’t know you were that big of sl/ut then!” i screamed, shoving her away from me.

she stumbled back and then kicked my heel, snapping it. “not so tall and might now, huh, /mighty Queen Aspen/?”

i was shorter six inches on one leg, so i took off my other Louboutin and hurled at Darcy’s face.
unfortunately, she dodged it as it hit a picture on the wall and shattered it.

and then we began shoving again till Darcy fell.
and i fell upon her in fury.

Peter and Isaac rushed onto the scene, each grabbing one of us,
desperately trying to drag us apart.
but i was ripping and roaring and ramming that we were almost inseparable.

until Darcy began pulling at my dress and i got a good opportunity at her back.
we began to lashed out but the boys pulled us apart before we could jump each other.

“Aspen!” chastised Isaac.

“get over here,” scolded Peter, dragging Darcy across the room to the hallway.

Isaac looked around the torn up dessert tables, and dragged me outside. “what the he/ll was all that?!”

“lemme go!” i whined, struggling out of his grasp. “she started it!”

“i don’t give a fu/cking care who started it! what matters is that Tiffany and David won’t get dessert now! God! why the hell are you screwing everything up!?”

i looked at him, repulsed. “you sound like my father!”

“well that ‘cause you’re acting like a fu/cking child!”

“you didn’t need to intervene, Isaac! i could’ve handled everything on my own!”

“yeah? throwing your /shoe/ at her? /tackling/ her? that’s not ‘handling it’, Aspen!”

i looked at him, bewildered and shocked and retorted, “yeah and i expect you think you’re such a big hero now, huh?”

he spun around on one leg, throwing his hands into the air with a sarcastic chuckle. “you know what? why don’t you drive yourself home? i can’t stand to be around you; you disgust me. i’ll get a ride with Peter,” he said, throwing the keys to me before walking back to the party.

i caught them, my mouth still gaping. “fine then! leave me. it’s disgusting how you’re abandoning me!”

he wheeled around with a surprised smile. “i’m not abandoning you, i’m cleaning up after your fu/cking mess! no, /you/ abandoned me. ever since Darcy said whatever she said to you, you’ve been acting like a monster! and i’m sick of it, Aspen!”

“yeah, fine idea it was to tell me you loved me, huh?!”

he shook his head and kept walking, leaving me alone.

i hobbled to my car on my bare tippy-toes and turned on the ignition.
i looked at myself in my rear-view mirrored and broke down into sobs.
my head slammed against the steering wheel, making the horn go off.
and i just sat there,

> > > aspen.
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