Le Story Ideas <3

Just Some Ideas For Story's, I Don't Mind If You Use Them, Just Give Me Credit. <3
I'm Gonna Write Some Of These. <3
Added Some New Ones, Again!
Actually, I need more ideas, so if anyone could comment or message me some beautiful pictures that they think might inspire me, even a tad bit, that'd be greatly appreciated and I'd give you some sort of credit.
  • All about Fashion, Vintage & Pastel
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    "Let's Go Home;; After spending seventeen years of their lives in a foster home, two young girls go in search of their biological parents." — @timiakaye
  • Little things
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    "Not Yet Titled;; A brother and sister discover shocking truth after their parents die and leave them with a box videos, leaving the world they left behind them in mayhem for their children." — @timiakaye
    satansbaby: “ untitled by lamahhh on Flickr. ”
  • Gong Xinliang
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    "Perfection's Price;; A rising supermodel battles with herself and her co-workers all while learning an important lesson of self-worth and self-love." — @timiakaye
  • Riot~Etiquette
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    "Runaways;; A young girl runs away, thinking she's got it too bad to stay. While she hops along the backside of a train, she meets a boy with her same mindset and as they travel across country, they realize that things aren't so bad when you have a friend." — @timiakaye
  • Sister Style Business Trip A Beautiful Mess
    More info
    "Not Yet Titled;;
    After murdering a man a women must escape and change everything about her life." — @timiakaye
    This week we traveled to New York for a quick business meeting. We were in and out so fast, but the meeting was amazing. We can't wait to share a new partnership with you soon. Here are a few snapshots...
  • a walking travesty (credit to photographer)
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    "Not Yet Titled;; A grumpy hateful old man finds that a young girl snuck onto the train he drives and while he attempts to take her home, he learns why he should turn himself around and begin a positive outlook on life." — @timiakaye
  • Untitled
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    "Theft;; Two girls whom absolutely hate each other are in for a wild ride once they pick up each others Starbuck's coffee's, causing them to switch bodies the next morning before realizing how hard each of them has it." — @timiakaye
  • Don't Stop Believing
    More info
    "60's Girl;; A girl discovers an old 60's diner in a run down vacant part of town and discovers that once she stepped inside, she's the 60's princess that she's always wanted to be." — @timiakaye
  • Romantic Extortion
    More info
    "Differences;; (Inspired by @tasmin-in-wonderland)
    A girl goes to a school where everyone is the same. It's an unwritten rule that you're not different. But what happens when there is one girl that doesn't fit everyone else's standards." — @timiakaye
    Nóra [18, black, poems, pale tones, white tights, nailpolish, vans, dr. martens, scars, psyhedelic, Salvador Dali, green, manga, Ian Curtis and Morrissey.]
  • Happiness hit her like a train on a track.
    More info
    "The Love Train;; Five rich rebellious boys go around the country, sleeping with women from all over, but what happens when one finds love in a one night stand?" — @timiakaye
  • All that bull shit made me strong, mother fucker
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    A Girl Feels That She Is Ugly So She Wears Much Makeup, Never Stopping To Look Inside Of Her." — @timiakaye
  • photo
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    A Girl Who Has Spent Most Of Her Life Hidden In Her Home, Finally Gets A Facebook To Upgrade Her Social Life, But She Ends Up Making It Worse Than It Already Was With One Click Of A Sign Up Button." — @timiakaye
  • Broke and Chic
    More info
    "Beauty;; (Sequel To 'Ugly')
    The Girl Is No Longer Ugly, Makeup Coating Her Face. She Doesn't Feeling It's Enough, So She Does More To Become Beautiful." — @timiakaye
    Budget friendly fashion, beauty and health tips
  • Blog
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    A Girl Is Popular, Pretty And Talented, But One Day, There Is Someone More Popular, Pretty And Talented And She Becomes A No One, Covered In Glitter." — @timiakaye
  • Best friend icon made by bernalovestowrite ♥
    More info
    "I Love Her, Not Him;;
    A Girl Has Spent Her Whole Life Trying To Please Her Mother, But She's Recently Discovered That She Loves Women, And Doesn't Know How To Tell Her Mother Who's Practically Named All Of Her Children." — @timiakaye
  • icons by marisa(:
    More info
    "Text Me Baby;; (Sequel To Call Me Baby)
    The Girl Has Upgraded Her Phone, The Boy Doing The Same. They Still Don't Know Each Other's Names, But They Don't Need To To Love each Other." — @timiakaye
  • z80059548 - Photos - lovethose__quotes's Xanga Site
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    A Girl Had Spent Her Whole Life Being Different, But Her Mother Has Become Super Strict, Not Wanting A 'Weird' Kid." — @timiakaye
  • Lipstick with a T-Shirt
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    "Kiss Me There;; ♥
    A Girl Has Grown Up Her Whole Life Learning That The Only Way To Get Anything She Wants, It Through Sex." — @timiakaye
    all the things that make life beautiful
  • photo
    More info
    Innocence. Beauty. Talent. Intelligence. Friendship. Romance. Love. What If That Could All Be Snatched Away In A Matter Of Seconds?" — @timiakaye
  • Fuck Yeah Holding Hands!
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    "Do You Remember;; ♥
    He Was The Rebel Boy With The Beautiful Hair, She Was The Innocent Girly Girl. He Liked Her, She Liked Him. He Moved, And She Was Broken. 11 Years Later...?" — @timiakaye
  • Catch a falling star..
    More info
    "Dance With Me;; ♥
    When Her Partner Gets In An Accident She Finds Him, But Can They Dance Without Falling In Love?" — @timiakaye
  • photo
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    After Watching Her Sister Drown, She's Terrified Of Water. But Can He Help Her Step In?" — @timiakaye
  • mona lisas and mad hatters
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    "Bad Girls Do Bad Things;; ♥
    A Girl Seeks Attention By Pretending To Be Rebel. She Hangs Out With The Wrong Crowd, And Falls In Love." — @timiakaye
  • Use.
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    "Tweet Me Baby;; (Triquel)
    They've Moved Online, And Still Know Everything Except Their Names...For Now." — @timiakaye
  • icon by ~ƥinƘbaℓℓeriɳa Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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    A Girl Falls For Sexting And Her Life Becomes A Mess." — @timiakaye
  • the lost loves.
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    A Girl Can control Light, But Hates Her Powers As She Sometimes Has Trouble Controlling Them." — @timiakaye
  • A journey through Jennifer's mind in images
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    "Porcelain Doll;;
    A Girl Lives Her Life, Never Realizing That She Is Just A Doll In A Barbie House." — @timiakaye
  • â™  ♥ ♣ ♦
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    "Daddy;; ♥
    A Father Who Has An Aspiring Career In Music Has To Take Care Of His Son After His Mother Left The Two Of Them In The Middle Of The Night." — @timiakaye
  • tearing me apart
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    "Writings On The Wall;;
    A Girl Writes On The walls, Not Knowing That Once Her Drawing Is Finished, She'll Be Sucked Into The World." — @timiakaye
  • Fashion dreams and things: Best Things In Life
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    "Sheet Music And Chocolate;;
    Most Girls Get Flowers And Chocolate From Secret Admirers, So Why Did She Get Sheet Music And Chocolate?" — @timiakaye
  • Treatment for Heroin Addiction
    More info
    "Sanity;; ☮5
    She Lost Her Mom. She Lost Her Love. She Lost Her Son. She Lost Her Life. She Lost Her Mind. She Lost Her Sanity." — @timiakaye
    If you are seeking treatment for heroin addiction, you have a few options. However you decide to get help, the goal is to find long term recovery.
  • You are who you seek to be
    More info
    "Red Lipstick;;
    By Day She Wears Turtle Necks, By Night, Only Red Lipstick." — @timiakaye
  • Stockings
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    "Black Lace;;
    Some girls with do anything to feel worth something. Even if it's only their body that is work something." — @timiakaye
  • Fashion Icon.
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    "These City Streets;; ♥☮4
    Sometimes, breaking your heel in the middle of the street can make you bump lips with a beautiful stranger." — @timiakaye
  • red shoes | Tumblr
    More info
    "Daddy's Little Rebel;; ♥
    To Daddy, she's smart, funny, beautiful, sweet and gentle. To him, she's dominating, sexy, flirty, and wild." — @timiakaye
  • i'm a penny in a diamond mine.
    More info
    "The Case Of The Missing iPhone;; ☮3
    A Man Finds A Phone And Thinks He's Supposed To Meet The Love Of His Life, But Instead, Finds His Daughter." — @timiakaye
  • Story Inspiration
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    "Bus Stop;;
    She was waiting patiently at the bus stop, and he saw her, astounded by her beauty, he had to talk to her." — @timiakaye
  • Razors on her tongue, a body full of oxygen
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    "Please, Daddy;;
    As far as he was concerned, his daughter was his property and he could do what he wanted to her." — @timiakaye
  • Don't believe 'em
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    "Runaway With Me;;
    She was going alone, but he didn't think she would be safe. So he followed her, and fell in love." — @timiakaye
  • Hey, what were you thinking?
    More info
    "Waitress;; ♥
    She Was Rude, Late, Mean And Beautiful. He Never Liked Girls Like This, But There Was Something About This One." — @timiakaye
  • The happy girl I am...
    More info
    "Action Figure;;
    They Were Warned Not To Go Downstairs, There Mom Had Scolded Many Times. They Didn't Know What Was Behind The Door And The Powers It Possessed." — @timiakaye
  • Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама
    More info
    "Daddy Don't Leave;;
    She Watched Her Father Leave At Only Age Six, And Now, When She's Twenty-Seven And Famous, He Wants To Be In Her Life?" — @timiakaye
  • bathroom smoking
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    "Twenty-Two;; (Inspired By Lily Allen)
    When She Was Twenty-Two, Her Future Looked Bright. But, She's Near Thirty, And According To Society, Her Alright Job And One Nights Stands Make Her Life Is Already Over." — @timiakaye
  • Inspire or be Inspired.
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    "The Book Of Secrets;;
    She dropped her book in the library, and instead of returning it when it fell, a boy at her school picked it up and read every secret she'd ever had, and soon it spread around her entire school." — @timiakaye
  • making it up as we go along
    More info
    "Take Over The World;;
    She's Got The Universe In Her Hands, And If She Wanted, She Could Crush Us All." — @timiakaye
  • cari(:
    More info
    "Piano Girl;; ♥
    I Was Just Playing For An Acoustic Performance, I Wasn't Supposed To Love Him." — @timiakaye
  • ARF - Aaron Rosie Fotography#############
    More info
    The Window Is Closed. My Feet Are Stable. My Hands Are Losing Grip. My Eyesight Is Blurry. Uh-Oh! My Foot Is Slipping. Is This It? Tell My Daughter That I Lov-" — @timiakaye
  • giggled|GRAPHICS.
    More info
    "Sweet Home California;;♥
    A southern-belle has to go to see her father for the summer and she doesn't want to be there with him and his new wife, wife number four, but she learns a valuable lesson about Love, Life and Family, with them help of him" — @timiakaye
  • :*
    More info
    "They Don't Know About Us;;
    She was the 'bad demon girl' and she was the 'pretty pink princess.' According to everyone, these girls did not belong together, but will love be stronger than the hate from others?" — @timiakaye
  • chuck and blair | Tumblr
    More info
    "Kill Or Kiss;;
    She was sent to get close and to kill him, not to get close and love him." — @timiakaye
  • simply w0nderstruck
    More info
    "Connect The Dots;;
    Once she finds a box of her mothers old photographs of her and another man, she finds out that the man in the photos in her real father and the man her mother loves is her uncle." — @timiakaye
  • imgfave - amazing and inspiring images
    More info
    A girl who is going to commit suicide, thinks back on the reasons that she's doing it, but--when she realizes this, will it be too late?" — @timiakaye
  • Restart My Heart
    More info
    "Fly On The Wall;;
    He hasn't told anyone, but he's been watching the girl in the next apartment, after hearing screams, through a hole in his wall. He see's that she's abused,the only question that remains is: will he save her and risk jail? Or ignore it?" — @timiakaye
  • FFFFOUND! | Misguided Ghosts.
    More info
    "Introducing Me;;
    A girl has been moved too many times to count during her teenage years and each times she's a new person, but maybe this time..maybe she can just be herself." — @timiakaye
  • Masquerade
    More info
    "Who You Are;;
    After attending a mask party with her best friend, a girl falls in love and the only trouble is: She doesn't know who she's in love with." — @timiakaye
  • i plan on living forever- so far, so good.
    More info
    "Take Me Home;;
    A girl makes a wish that she never had to return to home that she hates so much, but when she's caught inside of her 'perfect household' she realizes that it isn't what she wants...but is it too late?" — @timiakaye
  • The Dream Walking Society
    More info
    A girl falls from the sky one night, a girl that died many years ago. She gets one shot to save the life of someone innocent like she once was, but can she do it? Or is her mission just to stubborn?" — @timiakaye
  • you reach for my hand, but you touch my heart.
    More info
    "Art Of Love;;
    A girl finds and abandon warehouse and designs the inside as an art studio and when a boy gets the two locked inside with nothing but their paintbrushes, can't their painting revealed a picture of love?" — @timiakaye
  • Wishes with a side of ignorance.
    More info
    "Hide And Seek;;♥
    Two teenagers are forced apart and try to think of it as a game of hide and seek, but when they've finally found each other, they both picked new partners to play with." — @timiakaye
  • Blow Bigger Bubbles.
    More info
    "Other Side;;
    A girl is raised on the side of a town that's proper, immaculate and great, but when she discovers the dirty, grungy part, it's just what she's been looking for." — @timiakaye
  • Happiness hit her like a train on a track.
    More info
    "Witness Protection;; ♥
    She saw something she shouldn't have, so they thought that relocating her and changing her identity was best, but what happens when she falls in love, but the guy she loves know's nothing about the real her." — @timiakaye
  • fuck yeah indie love!
    More info
    "Daddy Won't Allow It;;
    A southern belle like his daughter, no way her father would allow her to be seen with the likes of 'him'" — @timiakaye
    More info
    A woman's car breaks down with herself and two children inside while she is on her way home to her parents, but when a local helps her out, he may just fall in love and convince her to stay." — @timiakaye
  • tree houses | Tumblr
    More info
    A boy has been living in the tree-house in his backyard since his parents died and there was no way the bills could be payed. A girl moves in and finds the treehouse with the boy inside and she might have just found love, too." — @timiakaye
  • Fanpop - ilovecharlie's Photo: Restart My Heart
    More info
    "Plain Jane;; ☮1
    A girl follows the advice of magazines to spice up her love life, but just what does Cosmo do to her? And is Vogue just a bit too much?" — @timiakaye
  • Love
    More info
    "Differences;; ☮2
    She's a wonderful, successful and beautiful lawyer, and he's just a gym teacher. But can this divorced woman but her uppity attitude in the closet and find out just how much she love this man?" — @timiakaye
  • »My Best Friend
    More info
    "No Title Yet;;
    A girls twin sister and best friend is murdered and since the police won't do anything, she takes matters into her own hands" — @timiakaye
  • Aria @tannedbabe
    More info
    "Spring Break;;
    A girl finally goes out on her own when she leaves the house for a week for spring break, but she doesn't what she's gotten herself into." — @timiakaye
  • fairytale | Tumblr
    More info
    "Runaway Bride;; ♥
    She meets a rich man, seduces him, makes him fall in love and buy her every she ever wanted and when it's time to tie the knot, she leaves as quickly as possible, taking her things with her. But will he actually catch her heart?" — @timiakaye
  • The Beautiful Ordinary
    More info
    "Dead End;;
    She lives in a town full of dead ends, but she has a vision brighter and larger than her boring life home, but can she can do it alone? or will she need help from a man with the same dream?" — @timiakaye
  • Background Retro Purple Art Print by Andreka | Society6
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Call Me Baby;;
    Moving Into A New Home A Girl Found A Phone In Her Room, Every Morning At Two, The Phone Rings And There Is A Guy On The Other End, And With Late Night Conversations, This Two May Just Fall In Love." — @timiakaye
  • Ғαƨнισи♥Ғαƨнα♔
    More info
    "Model Misbehavior;; ♥
    There's nothing wrong with a world famous super model keeping a few secret sexy nights to herself? Is there?" — @timiakaye
  • fuck yeah plastiscines!
    More info
    "Rock With Me;; ♥
    She was a star, but when she's in a car accident and has amnesia, can he help her learn all she needs to know...without falling in love?" — @timiakaye
  • Blue Pony
    More info
    "Not My Bags;; ♥
    A girl grabs the bags of a wealthy business man by accident, and now she must meet him and trade with him, but there is something about her he can't resist." — @timiakaye
  • Background lips makeup services tampa WALLSISTAH.COM
    More info
    "Color Me Red;;
    She was dull and lifeless, but he was there to add oh so much red." — @timiakaye
  • Penny Pickard By Steven Chee For Fashion Quarterly NZ
    More info
    "Crashing Into Love;;
    A women gets into a car crash, with a man whom she will soon find out, is the love of her life." — @timiakaye
    作為 die-hard fans,比起其他年代,對60年代的美國大抵會多了一種情意結,新希望在這個年代掘起,各種各樣的運動和新文化不斷發生,但男主外,女主內的觀念在這個年代比例依然很重,這輯充滿60年代氣息,名為 American dream 的 editorial 令我想起 中的女主角 Betty,一個已婚家庭主婦,每天穿戴漂亮地開車接送小朋友、買菜、打理家務,看似平凡幸福,我想這就是大部分女性想要的 American dream 吧。[via]
  • you're my obsession, my addiction.
    More info
    "Am I Pretty Now;;
    She gave away her body, just so they would call her pretty. Is that why she finds it so hard to believe this one man?" — @timiakaye
    the name's andrea. i'm from a city near toronto, ontario. i'm eighteen and pretty crazy. and you...
  • there are cities buried underneath our cities
    More info
    "The Week At The Waterfall;;
    A group of friends spend a week at a summer camp and secret come out and sparks fly." — @timiakaye
  • I Must Be Dreaming
    More info
    "Let Me Go;;
    They trapped her in this attic. She was their personal slave, But what happens, when one of them falls in love with her?" — @timiakaye
    "Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." Parachute;...
  • Runaway With Me
    More info
    An undercover detective must find out all of a mans secrets, but in doing so, she falls in love with him...now can she turn him in?" — @timiakaye
    More info
    "No Title Yet;;
    A group of girls must get together once their old friend is killed and find out whom it was that offed her." — @timiakaye
  • pretty smart.
    More info
    "____'s many shoes;;
    Every girl has different shoes. Shoes she wears to school. Shoes she wears to work. Shoes she wears with the family and shoe's she wears with him." — @timiakaye
  • basically hyland
    More info
    "Don't Make Me Over;;
    A Girl whens a makeover and loses the most important things to her because of her new 'beauty'." — @timiakaye
    This is a fan blog for Sarah Hyland. She's most known for her role as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family....
  • Blondie
    More info
    "Rock Away;;
    Grace "Blondie" Adams was a rock star and once she's kidnapped, her new drummer whose totally in love with her must set out to get her back." — @timiakaye
  • la douce vie
    More info
    "Not Yet Titled;;
    A woman takes everything for granted; her husband, children, fortune, family and more. Will it take her switching bodies with someone that has nothing before she can realize just how much she really has?" — @timiakaye
    R; TX bred. Half prep, half chic.
  • I want to feel alive.
    More info
    She comes. She Seduces. She leaves. But...can the rules to her game change when she doesn't want to leave him?" — @timiakaye
  • a bird escaped from its cage.
    More info
    "Love Equals MC Failed;;
    She's not the prettiest, or the most popular, but maybe there is this one guy who can push past the glasses and held her find the equation for love." — @timiakaye
  • Google Image Result for http://37.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lps1axUmog1qbyeqwo1_500.jpg
    More info
    "Not Yet Titled;;
    A woman is a hit-woman, but only for those that truly deserve it. She falls in love, and what must she do when she's hired to kill the love of her life?" — @timiakaye
  • Miranda Kerr Poses for Terry Richardson in Purple Magazine's Spring/Summer Issue
    More info
    "Asking For It;
    A woman is raped and due to her 'slutty' attire when she goes to fight it, people argue that she was asking for it . Now this woman must prove them all wrong." — @timiakaye
    Best of Season - Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr works it for the latest issue Purple Magazine. Posing for Terry Richardson, the Australian beauty don
  • Dry-Erase Calendar Decal, White
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Not Yet Titled;;
    A girl realizes that whatever she plans out on her calender is bound to come true.-" — @timiakaye
    Never miss a deadline with this peel-and-stick calendar decal. 40 wide x 27 high Our peel-and-stick decals are easy to apply, reposition and remove. Decals make a fast, no-fuss alternative to messy paint and stencils. Self-adhesive backing removes without any surface damage. For best results, mount to a smooth surface. Dry-erase pens not included.
  • TV Show Divas Pretty Little Liars
    More info
    Two girls move to a new city in hopes for acceptance with their sexuality and relationship, but it doesn't go well when they end up in the last place you'd expect a pair of lesbians." — @timiakaye
    The new series are making a great comeback for the last few years creating new idols for teens all over the world, setting trends and bringing new young stars in the spotlights. Pretty Little Liars is now on its second season and has a great popularity among young girls. The four different characters are wearing…
  • Aesthetics Kingdom
    More info
    "Bag It, Beatrice;;
    After grabbing the wrong bag, a woman discovers she has an identical twin sister and she must decide whether to meet her sister right away or pretend to be her sister and live the high class lifestyle." — @timiakaye

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Wrote two years ago

Wrote three years ago
if you ever write kiss me there, charlotte, do you remember, sexting, red lipstick, black lace, these city streets, daddy's little rebel, or fly on the wall, let me know because i am very interested in them! c:

Wrote 4 years ago
Well, I tried to create this during NaNoWriMo because some of my friends were brain dead, but I didn't get to it, so basically it was just something to save for next year. Also,I like to write, so that's it. :) But thank you. :)


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