♡ Based on Sofia Coppola's movies. Originally created by @five-hundred-days-of-penny and @oh-so-barbarella. [ @impervius ]

♡ There is a place, far away from here. It isn't filled with witches or magic. No rich actors or slutty second wives here. Its a small, attractive town. Far away from everyone else, isolated. The town is called Bakersfield, but it might as well be Bakersworld. 
The town is filled with secrets, and dark ones. It has a society filled with rules and power. Men are dominant, women docile. Religion is everything, and your virginity is something you guard with your life. Women are examined before being married off. If they are not virgins, the wedding is canceled. And those women are never seen again.
Pressure is pushed apoun these girls since day one. And for a group of virgins, the pressure has gotten too strong.
"Suicide isn't getting away from pain, because your not alive to feel the relief."
For these girls, not feeling anything would be a blessing.

ok, can I just say how amazing this roleplay idea is? holy cow. I love the virgin suicides with a passion. anyway, you should join this amazing roleplay too, so it can start already! hahaha.
I love the pictues in this set.
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