I got the magazine on my doorstep a couple days ago and I just love it <3 It's my second magazine by Nylon, I'm so in love with Nylon as a company altogether <3

So if you want to buy exatly what she wears, I couldn't find the pictures to use for this set online and I couldn't find the blazer anywhere (I searched high and low)
Here's the real blazer: http://fashionofglee.com/post/29785888703/lea-michele-moschino-blazer
The real shorts are by ASOS
The top she's wearing is a bathing suit, I found the exact one on polyvore so just click on the top to find the link to buy it.
And here's the real sungasses: http://fashionofglee.com/post/29782989313/lea-michele-heart-sunglasses
And lastly, the bracelets: http://fashionofglee.com/post/29784109978/lea-michele-orly-genger-bracelets

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