Title; Quotes from Albert Einstein -- That's really inspiring my day~

Finally this come out and for you @andreass
 I should to give it to you since we know each other such a long time too.
I laugh from you calling me"Rai" actually Rai is a boy's name In my country ,i told you once but wanna say it again you can calls me for what you want.
[I'm sure someone will laugh to me]

And Rai sound related to Samurai 
OMG!!! not so bad dear~ coz my real life friend see me as Rai too I'm not girlie at all.
Okay ,I'm so happy to found out polyfriend who is a guy rolling eyes 3 times that why my name is Rai.
mmm,I hope you'll do like this set.
nothing can't changed my feels just wanna thanks to you.
--Rai-- haha ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ <----
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