Alright so you want to play music?Great alot of people do!:3So here are some tips on how!Enjoy!;)
Alright first off make sure YOU want to learn and YOU think it would be fun.Make sure your the one who wants to play.And second find the right instrument you think you will enjoy.You can't play the tuba because you have small lungs?Great play the guitar!Get what i mean?Play one you feel comfortable with:3 Because if you play one you don't like,it's not fun.And playing is supposed to be fun!And third learning how to play.The absolute main thing that is TOTALLY NECESSARY IS PATIENTS!Some people aren't naturals,some people have learning probs,but its ok.Just believe in yourself and remember all the greatest players were once at your level.And lastly,if you aren't getting the grasp of things or you don't really like it or it wasn't as was easy as you thought it would be,you have three options:1.dont give up. 2.Try a different instrument. 3.Give up music.
Trust me if you don't like making music,don't find something else to make you happy.Dont like the instrument your playing but you still enjoy playing?Find a different one.:3 And lastly if you really want to learn but you can't,don't give up.Just take a break for a while and have a little patients :3 so I hope this helped you and remember playing is supposed to be fun!:3 So happy music playing and stuff!
-Kat ^_^ (@krazytaco444)
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