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Hey girls!

Do you love to sing, but want to take it to the next level, and you want to know as much as you can? Well this is the tip for you!

I am the co-lead singer in my church youth band, and I would love to share with you some tips on being a great singer. All of these things I have either learned, or am in the process of learning :)

If you want to be good, you have to trust in yourself and be confident. 
I would say confidence is the key item for being a successful singer. If you are shy, your voice will be timid and weak. You want you voice to sound strong and beautiful. 
People do not want to listen to you if they think you are going to sing timidly the whole time. It makes the congregation/audience a little uncomfortable FOR you because they are worried about you messing up. 
When I first started the band a year ago, I was so VERY nervous. I have been up front for a few weeks now (I just got "promoted" to co-lead :) and I still get very nervous. But when I start singing, my true love for it takes over and my nerves go away. 
Your love for it will conquer the fear. If you really enjoy doing it, don't let fear be the one to stop you.

It sounds silly, but food is a very important feature for having a good voice. Caffeine, chocolate, and milk are all bad for your voice. 
DO NOT eat chocolate or any milk based product before leading/performing! I learned this the hard way :) I had a hot chocolate before worship started and my throat was coated from the milk! UGH! Not a good thing, darlings <3 :)
Food is key keeping a healthy voice.
In order to keep a healthy voice, don't do things that will hurt it. If a key is too high or low for you to sing, DO NOT try to sing it! It can really damage your voice. 
Yes, you want to learn to expand your vocal abilities, but do not push them. It takes time and practice. You only have 1 voice and 1 throat... don't waste it!

If you are in a band, you are most likely surrounded by other vocalists. 
More than 1 person with the 1 same goal can be tricky. 
Sometimes jealousy creeps in and destroys relationships. If someone is being mean to you because "You don't sound good!", or you're moving up the vocal position chart, do not let the mean words of others break your love for singing. It can be hard to ignore the things people say sometimes, but I am telling you, please, please, please ignore them! If you take the mean things they say to heart, it will only bring you down. 
Press on and do what is right. Do not snap back at them or say rude things back, just ingnore it and do what you love: singing!
Singing takes practice. If you are in a youth band, you know what I mean :) 
It takes teamwork, skills, and goals. You can't expect to be exactly where you want to be right when you want to be there. 
I have always dreamed of co-leading. For the past year that I have been in youth band, I have been a BGV (background vocalist). Only about 3 months ago did I get the honor of becoming co-lead. 
Work hard and love what you are doing, even if it is not exactly what you want just yet. As long as you work hard, have a good attitude, and show your passion, you will someday get where you want to be. 
So darlings, work hard and be patient <3!

If you want to be the best that you can be, I suggest taking singing lessons. I have been doing them for a year now and I love them. It really has helped me grow to be a better singer. My vocal teacher makes sure that I am doing the right vocal warm ups, singing the right keys for my voice etc. It also instills confidence. 
I feel that my voice has gotten a lot stronger from when I started lessons and I am so blessed to have her as my teacher! 
Some people naturally love singing in front of people. Me? NO. I hated it until about a month ago. It FREAKED ME OUT :) 
The first note is the hardest note you will ever sing. I have to push myself to do it, still. I have to literally tell myself "Sing the note!" :) It is just so nerve-racking for me <3 
But everbody is different. But if you are like me... then try to follow this advice :) <3
If you take vocal lessons, then you will be forced to sing in front of someone. I take private lessons because I didn't want anyone else to hear me but my teacher. But now I am so much more confident so I am better at singing in front of people :) I have to do it every Sunday for church, so I have gotten used to it :) 
But like I said earlier, don't let fear get in the way.

Well that is all I have for you right now <3 
I hope it helps you be an amazing singer!
If you have any questions PM us or comment <3!
Julia <3

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