2014/10/19 "Sunday Morning anyone "
I was wondering(lately) to my account what if someone get it wrong idea that i'm also taking the other's ideas? 
some said that few accounts have tones of my creations and can found exactly on one well known account and get confused who is an original?
when i told someone to stop copy my ideas they always gave me about ______ also copy you why i'm not tell her to stop?
it was pissed me when ppl point out why me and someone else have sth similar,aren't they're a real life friend? NO i have only @stephaniee90 is only one real life friend.

I knew it exactly who you guys mentioned to me, it just we're following each other.it hard to suddenly 
"hey you stop copy me" since she also have many supportors ppl might see me " why i tell someone well known to stop copy me,she's an original and get famous like many precious members does"
but i have limit about this.
you know that how many times i talking about do not copy the other's and put on my msg on my page at well.
so it just someone they're my followings,i cant tell them direct to their faces coz i considering that they're friends.

I got told long time ago that my (good) following copied my real life friend @stephaniee90 ofc. idk what to do,i'm upset Steph that i do nothing to help her and she lose her interest to come to this site.
when my well known followings copied her i kind of annoying than they copied my creations.
and many ppl might look up just one have lots of followers,many supportors ofc she is the original.but my friend she always come&go so is that she dont have the right to protect her creations? that was the real pissed

 I'm get tired of changing or find new ideas all the time cause of she! always taking my ideas from my sets coz that well known account is a friend of mine always who like to take it anyway.

more than that i just get to know the reason why one of remarkable lovely friend of mine leave Polyvore because of same reason that i write it here
i hope so someday @anashe will comeback.

Oh and i am not going to leave,i just saying i'm an original here so don't using that i'm so nice of you and you can get it all from me without any shame.

*thought of the day, i missed my @stephaniee90 
comeback to me:)

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