leave it to a bunch of teenagers to save everybody

Okay, here are the playable characters.
There are twenty in total, each separated in 5 groups:
-- The Lame Avengers
-- Scooby Gang
-- Frantic Four
-- Dope Galaxies
-- Doubledecker Runover
and finally the Lone Ranger that consists of a one man party.
Link to the group:
  • I love beauty. It’s not my fault.
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    "Leave it to a bunch of teenagers to save everybody." — @spacelava
    I could offer a million answers, all false. The truth is, I'm a bad person.
  • The Avengers Canvas Art Print
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    -- Not too popular, but neither outcasts, the Lame Avengers are a mismatched group of friends who have known each other since early childhood.
    They are the first who decide to go after the killer and pulling the rest of the groups." — @spacelava
    No media room would be complete without these classic Marvel icons. Featuring Iron Man, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk, our The Avengers Canvas Art Print shows off your super style. Print measures 36L x 1.5W x 36H in. Distinctively printed on stretched canvas. Finished edges complete the look. Features Iron Man, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk from Marvel’s The Avengers. Hues of blue, red, white, green, and purple. Comes ready for wall mount; no hanging hardware required. Care: Dust with a soft, dry cloth. This print size is a Kirkland’s exclusive and is not available for purchase from other retailers.
  • penumbra via Tumblr We Heart It
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    "MARNIE PARK , 17
    -- Shy and collected, she is the girl no one notices. Prone to panic and anxiety attacks she uses her fear to think thoroughly." — @spacelava
    penumbra | via Tumblr on We Heart It
  • Leoni Lipp
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    -- Best friends w/ Amy. Lately had a fall out because of a boy.
    -- Used to (secretly) date Jake Aldrin for two months. They still have feelings for each other." — @spacelava
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    -- Observant and a sober thinker.
    -- Puts others before herself often, but slowly learns how to rely on herself.
    -- Fast reflexes and a fairly good runner.
    taken by:
    @/spacelava" — @spacelava
  • joanna marie
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    "AMY AIRHEART , 17
    -- The girl with questioning morals, but on the very down low. A substance user, but highly intelligent and independent." — @spacelava
    Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
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    -- Best friends w/ Marnie. Had a fallout because of a boy.
    -- Has an on-going no strings attached relationship w/ Dave R. Although she wants more of it, he doesn't." — @spacelava
    ♡ be young, be dope, be proud ♡
  • i think you're lovely
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    -- Insecure and self-loathing.
    -- Thinks she works better alone than in a group.
    -- Manipulative, but yet caring especially when it comes to her friends.
    -- Vengeful." — @spacelava
    hello i think you're extraordinary ♚
  • im amanda bynes
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    "JAMES NORTH , 17
    -- The grumpy outcast who is constantly overshadowed by his more friendly and good looking friend." — @spacelava
  • lovin'it
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    -- Best friends w/ Desmond.
    -- Childhood friend of Marnie.
    -- Bares a disliking to all the others.
    -- Enemies w/ Mike S." — @spacelava
  • Rose tea in Paris
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    -- A horror enthusiast, he tends to over analyze the killer's psyche. But it doesn't mean it's true.
    -- Struggles to be an alpha male but isn't.
    -- Envious and scrawny. James has zero physical strength but quick wit and humor.
    -- Selfish." — @spacelava
  • mancandy kings;
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    "DESMOND -Des- IRWIN , 17
    -- A jock without the jock personality, Des is a kind and ambitious individual, who is often pressured by his father." — @spacelava
    Welcome to Mancandy Kings! This blog is dedicated to all the talented male celebrities in the...
  • forget stardust - you are iron.
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    -- Best friends w/ James.
    -- In love w/ Eva Politzki since freshman year.
    -- Ex-boyfriend of Emanuelle C." — @spacelava
    my body was not made to touch the stars; i am here to swallow fire, to burn cities to the ground.
  • ghost
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    -- Caring and brave, Des often puts others before him.
    -- Is willing to do anything to protect and save Eva.
    -- A true alpha male, but often gets put down by James.
    -- Friendly and loved by everyone, he is the more popular person in the group" — @spacelava
  • scooby doo
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    -- Don't get fooled by their exterior, these people might be the most popular with #squadgoals, but they actually hate each other. They don't get along and the job is mostly left on the boys." — @spacelava
  • Elsa Hosk Elle Norway 3
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    -- The beautiful and snobbish girlfriend of Coop. Mikaela holds a reputation and is willing to do everything in her power in order to survive." — @spacelava
    Visit the post for more.
  • Blow Myself Away
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    -- Girlfriend of Coop.
    -- Best friends w/ Emanuelle.
    -- Has slept w/ tons of other people behind her boyfriend's back including George S." — @spacelava
    Lexx, 16, dancing on tiptoes, with my own secret ceremonials
  • Cloudhy
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    -- Often is loud and obnoxious, wanting to be her way.
    -- One of those girls who has sex in the middle of a killing spree.
    -- A real damsel in distress." — @spacelava
    Dorothy~California tumblrusercloudhy@gmail.com
  • Colton Haynes Singing | NYLON MAGAZINE
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    "JAKE ALDRIN , 17
    -- The lover of extreme sports and the brave one who is willing to check out the noise. Looks stupid, but is actually really smart." — @spacelava
    | beauty, beauty news, makeup, hair, skin, nails, nail art, celebrities, beauty queen, models, it girls, how tos, guides, news on NYLONMag.com
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    -- Best friends w/ Coop.
    -- Has dated a lot of the girls, including Coop's ex Mikaela.
    -- (Secretly) dated Marnie for two months." — @spacelava
    Hi, I'm Chiara. ♥
  • brunette silhouette
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    -- Spends most of the time trying to find Marnie and make sure she's alright.
    -- An actual leader and probably the bravest student.
    -- Good climber and handy with things such as a stick." — @spacelava
    This blog is mostly fashion and models, with some attractive male specimens, cool quotes, cool sights, and awesome eats :) I kinda post whatever because I'm a cool cat. But I'm OCD so it all has to...
  • Bella Hadid, Gigi’s Sister, Signed to IMG Models
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    -- Pretentious to the core, Emanuelle's known for her squeaky voice and small frame. She's the perfect scream queen and often needs someone to come and save her." — @spacelava
    Bella Hadid to Model--Good looks run in the family for model Gigi Hadid whose sister Bella was recently signed to IMG Models (the agency also represents the Sports Illustrated model). The dark-haired beauty revealed...
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    -- Best friends w/ Mikaela.
    -- Has a crush on Jake
    -- Ex-girlfriend of Des.
    -- Current girlfriend of Mike S." — @spacelava
    a land of events About
  • Take Me Away
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    -- Her nickname used to be Rachel Tice (MPGIS reference).
    -- Despite trying to look brave, is actually really cowardly.
    -- If she does split from the group it won't be by her choice." — @spacelava
  • Matt healy Bands I love
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    -- A talented musician, Coop doesn't have enough concentration to focus on surviving. But that's why whenever he's in danger, he tends to be the first one to snap out of the shock." — @spacelava
    Matt healy
  • Currently Liking
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    -- Boyfriend of Mikaela.
    -- Best friends w/ Jake.
    -- Was in a band w/ Miles P and Marty S." — @spacelava
    My Favourite Fashions and Inspirations
  • ಟ Legs of wood waves ಟ
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    -- Often gets sidetracked and is known to get lost in his own thoughts.
    -- Clumsy and disoriented, but seemingly brave.
    -- Does everything to protect his friends." — @spacelava
    Amyy 17 England :)
  • Fantastic Four (2015)
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    -- The underrated so called nerd-herd, came to Aspen in order to finally fit in with the rest. Now they finally have a chance, by joining them on finding the killer." — @spacelava
  • PDtekst snowqueen4-11-2007.png
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    Материал к коллажу Snow Queen
  • 11914938_1011259235590837_5079181504229277540_n.jpg 479×640 pixels
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    "Sandra George , 17
    -- The self-appointed leader of the group, Sandra is one of those people that you were bullied by in middle school. She claims she is changed, but her aggressive ways come out when desperate." — @spacelava
  • More Issues Than Vogue
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    -- Childhood friends w/ Amanda.
    -- Enemies w/ James because she constantly teases him about being a grump.
    -- Has awful relationships w/ the rest.
    -- Seems to be on okay terms w/ Marnie, considering her the only sane person." — @spacelava
    Hi, I'm Dakotah and I get shit done.
  • N E U R O M Æ N C E R
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    -- Tends to get her way by committing random acts of violence.
    -- Asexual and darn proud of it.
    -- Grew up training a lot of sports, most notably soccer and kick boxing." — @spacelava
  • Story of my life.
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    "IAN PEEVES , 17
    -- Stuck in the closet since forever, Ian has been trying to voice his way out, but was always shut by Sandra's words of discouragement. He seems be of a lot of help, thanks to his 'mysterious' past." — @spacelava
    I never make sense. I have a huge problem with consistency. I'm overly emotional and constantly...
  • [wip] earth, abif, monosaccre
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    -- Best friends w/ Bobby Johnson (also has a crush on him)
    -- Mortally afraid and under the command of Sandra.
    -- Gets along fine with the rest of the groups." — @spacelava
    This Pin was discovered by Rebekah Joan. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. | See more about scene, the cw and training.
  • Tumblr
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    -- People like him because of his flamboyance.
    -- Knows a lot of information about the rest of the groups, as well as rumors.
    -- Hiding is his best surviving tip." — @spacelava
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  • Minka Kelly
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    -- With a set of curly hair and lively personality, Amanda isn't very keen on the fact that a killer might end her seemingly perfect life. But after all Amanda is an actress and faking something is what she does best." — @spacelava
    Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.
  • Nunca digas de este agua no beberé o la historia del color rosa empolvado.
    More info
    -- Childhood friends w/ Sandra.
    -- Best friends w/ Bobby.
    -- Might be only person besides Lame Avengers, to actually like James. She might even have a crush on him." — @spacelava
    Antes de que naciera Vera odiaba el rosa. Cuando digo odiaba, es así tal cual, odiar. A mi madre la tenía amenazada con que no le comprara nada rosa y no quería heredar nada de mis sobrinos de ese...
  • Nail Biting
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    -- Since she's small, she can hide in the tiniest of places.
    -- She is willing to do anything to survive. Even if that means, joining another, more equipped group." — @spacelava
  • hommes c.
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    -- An artist in heart, Bobby at first was fascinated with the killer until he almost lost his leg. The first one to actually come in contact with the killer, Bobby is willing to do everything to survive." — @spacelava
  • Hope it gives you hell
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    -- Best friends w/ Amanda.
    -- Childhood friends w/ Ian.
    -- Partially gets along w/ the rest of the groups." — @spacelava
    2k27: “ A painter’s setup in Kyoto, Japan ”
  • ♑
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    -- Has a nasty wound on his right leg.
    -- Has been struggling w/ insomnia for quite a while.
    -- Honest and not very brave." — @spacelava
    a shitty mobile blog. ♡
  • Tumblr
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    -- What happens when the hottest girl in school, makes an alliance with the jocks? Nothing. The only good asset is their physical strength." — @spacelava
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  • Golden State Blues
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    "EVA POLICKI , 17
    -- The hottest and most popular girl in school's only fear that the killer may mess up her face. A charming and sweet individual, Eva relies greatly on the strength of others in order to survive." — @spacelava
    Turquoise Skye approved.
  • Tumblr
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    -- Best friend of Beatrice Keele, the first victim.
    -- Teamed up w/ the jocks because her cheerleader friends are nowhere to be seen.
    -- Isn't aware of Desmond's affection to her. Or his existence for that matter." — @spacelava
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  • photo
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    -- Tends to keep her feelings and thoughts to herself.
    -- Easily annoyed.
    -- Actual Malibu Barbie with a tendency to have things go her way.
    -- Relies heavily on charm and good looks, despite having a brain." — @spacelava
  • Vinnie Woolston by Olivia Hemus for The Superette Magazine
    More info
    -- The rich boy whose dad has a lot of connection is a nightmare to most teachers and students. His main focus are his sexual needs and he is often pulling pranks." — @spacelava
    Photographed by Olivia Hemus, Vinnie Woolston (62 Models) continues a recent streak of work with an editorial for the magazine of New Zealand retailer Superette. Looking for an escape from [...]
  • Danish Streets
    More info
    -- Best friends w/ Dave R.
    -- Plays mind games w/ Amy.
    -- Has slept with Mikaela K. behind Coop's back.
    -- Thinks that everybody loves him." — @spacelava
  • Bella Hadid Sonya Gorelova by Brianna Capozzi
    More info
    -- A star basketball player, George is really really tall.
    -- Moody and c-cky and unpredictable, often acts reckless in order to impress others.
    -- Teases people and might even be considered a bully.
    -- Desperately tries to bone Eva." — @spacelava
    Pop Magazine Editorial SS 2015 - Bella Hadid & Sonya Gorelova by Brianna Capozzi - 3/30/2015
  • Kiko Mizuhara 水原希子
    More info
    "MARTY STEELE , 17
    -- The easy-going rower who has always been one of the boys. Marty doesn't have many girl friends, mainly because she doesn't get along with them." — @spacelava
    FANSITE OF MODEL/ACTRESS, KIKO MIZUHARA Profile: Birth Name - Audrie Kiko Daniel Name in Japanese - 水原希子, Mizuhara (水原) Kiko (希子) Birthday - October 15, 1990 (23 Years Old) Birthplace - Dallas, Texas,...
  • Let's get out of here, past the atmosphere.
    More info
    -- Best friends w/ Miles P.
    -- Used to be in a band w/ Coop and Miles P.
    -- Can't stand Mikaela and Emanuelle.
    -- Slowly begins to get along with Eva." — @spacelava
  • videenda
    More info
    -- Marty has claustrophobia, so keep her away from small spaces.
    -- Quick on her feet, with fairly fast reflexes, she acts as one of the muscles in their group.
    -- Cares deeply about Miles P and often wonders if he's okay." — @spacelava
    Hello i'm ashlin and i'm 15. Just wanted to let you know ily.
  • Tumblr
    More info
    -- A fellow prankster and George's partner in crime, Dave has only one thing on his mind and that is sleeping with most girls as possible until the killer is on the loose. He's not afraid to die, he lives for the thrill." — @spacelava
    Follow the world's creators.
  • identity crisis
    More info
    -- Best friends w/ George S.
    -- Has a no strings attached relationship w/ Amy.
    -- Has a soft spot for Emanuelle since they lived next to each other their whole lives." — @spacelava
    Sam / 18 / Aquarius College freshman studying science, firm believer in excessive snacking at 2 AM....
  • LetTheWindBlowThroughYourHair
    More info
    -- Doesn't really care that there's a killer on the loose, which makes him sort of a suspect.
    -- Likes to set boobie traps and things like that.
    -- Comforts girls so he can sleep with them. So far it has worked on five." — @spacelava
    Jess is my name. And this is my tumblr.
  • Double-Decker Bus, Piccadilly Circus, London
    More info
    -- Everyone's favorite inseparable couple and their third wheeling friend. They are hated for many things, especially because of their teacher's pet ways." — @spacelava
    Double-Decker Bus, Piccadilly Circus, London Art Print. Find art you love and shop high-quality art prints, photographs, framed artworks and posters at Art.com. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • spring/summer 2013
    SOLD OUT: More info
  • Model Love
    More info
    "NICOLE ALTES , 17
    -- Childish and spoiled, Nicole controls her boyfriend as she wants and thus has alienated him from most of his friends. She doesn't have any special set of skills, except for being a girl scout." — @spacelava
  • Gnarly, dude.
    More info
    -- Nicole's best friend Tamara, was found dead by Scooby Gang, Nicole doesn't know this.
    -- Girlfriend of Kalvin J.
    -- Best friends w/ Mike S." — @spacelava
    ☯Get high and laugh at nothing ☯
  • We Heart It
    More info
    -- Used to be a girl scout and now one of the girl scout leaders.
    -- Loves the great outdoors and is a rock climber.
    -- Extremely tall and buff, but also very childish and annoying.
    -- Tends to cry a lot." — @spacelava
    Alyssa♡'s favorite images from the web
  • Childish Gambino
    More info
    "KALVIN JAMES , 17
    -- Not very intelligent, Kalvin gets bossed around a lot by his girlfriend Nicole. But it seems that with a killer on the loose, he could finally unleash his hidden alpha male persona." — @spacelava
  • Stun, Moon, and Stars Skirt
    SOLD OUT: More info
    -- Boyfriend of Nicole A.
    -- Best friends w/ Mike S.
    -- Former best friends w/ James and Desmond.
    -- Used to have crush on Marnie." — @spacelava
    Bring the night skys mystery into your drama rehearsal with this printed black skirt by Motel! Self-proclaimed British cult brand Motel is dedicated to decking ladies out in vintage-inspired, bold designs that are nothing short of spellbinding. No matter what your day calls for, you find yourself orbiting back to the celestial print and soft knit of this handmade skirt. Beneath a cropped sun-yellow sweater and topped with pewter jewelry, this A-line skirt is out of this world.
  • always is valueless ☾
    More info
    -- Used to be on the wrestling team. Quit because Nicole thought he could get hurt.
    -- Plays basketball.
    -- Perpetually confused by everyone and everything.
    -- Always lending a helping hand when someone in need." — @spacelava
    Elisa 16 Minneapolis Instagram: elisasimm0ns Days without self harm: 282
  • joe collier
    More info
    -- Once everyone favorite's person is now the most loathed one, due to his scheming and overly pretentious ways. He was somehow elected the class president and desperately strives to be the leader but no avail ." — @spacelava
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  • dream bitch
    More info
    -- Best friends w/ Nicole A and Kalvin J.
    -- Boyfriend of Emanuelle C.
    -- Enemies w/ James N." — @spacelava
  • Tumblr
    More info
    -- Will do random acts of bravery, despite being deathly afraid of everything.
    -- Really can't stand gore.
    -- Constantly jealous of Jake A.
    -- Usually hiding somewhere with an ax he found laying around." — @spacelava
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  • Plain White Background
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    HD Photo Plain White Background. Free Stock Photo. Free for private and commercial use
  • Illinois preps for possibility of wolf population
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    -- Separating from Dope Galaxies was probably his/her smartest idea." — @spacelava
    Enough wolves are roaming into Illinois that hunters today need to be sure the animal in their sights they think is a coyote might actually be a wolf
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "MILES POPE (Milly if chosen as female) , 17
    -- Despite the on-going struggle Miles separated from the group and decided to go solo. Equipped with only a shovel, he is willing to get to the bottom of this." — @spacelava
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  • °˖✧ l m a o ✧˖°
    More info
    -- Boyfriend/Girlfriend of Ivy Roberts. Found her body in the elevator.
    -- Best friends w/ Marty S.
    -- Used to be in a band w/ Coop and Marty S.
    -- Can't stand anyone who acts like a fool." — @spacelava
    hey im sasha and i'm really lame and boring sorry
    More info
    -- Serious and aggressive, Miles is known for random acts of violence.
    -- In love with his girlfriend, took initiative after discovering her body.
    -- Brave and not willing to back off, probably one of the strongest students out there." — @spacelava


Wrote one year ago
@toxicdreamer no doubles. audition for which ever character you like the most. all characters are open. i will decide later who gets the part.

Wrote one year ago
@toxicdreamer feel free to join auditions have just started :D

Wrote one year ago
@uncreatively No you don't need to. It is up to you to choose the faceclaim :)

Wrote one year ago
This is amazing and I love all of them so much. I have one question though, should we use the face-claims given or come up with one that looks similar?

Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
@pathetic-excuses there's no need to rush since the group is barely made

Wrote one year ago
@pathetic-excuses auditions. but they still aren't open so hold your horses :)

Wrote one year ago
@pathetic-excuses yup! only one

Wrote one year ago
Tagging people who were interested:
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