I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by @prilsplace. I'm finally doing it! :)

I tag: @buttercup08, @christiana40, @tamaramasc, @julietav, @azulitaa22, @alicja2204 and @agneselace. 
Please ignore it if you've already been tagged or if you simply don't want to participate. Thank you,dears!!
1. Always post rules
2. Answer the questions written by the person who tagged you, and write 11 new ones.
3. Tag new people. 

@prilsplace's questions and my answers:
1. Cats or Dogs? Dogs!! 
2. What was your first car? OR What is your dream car? My dream car is a mini cooper :)
3. Night owl or early bird? night owl and that can be very bad sometimes... -_-
4. Crest, Colgate, or other? Colgate
5. Favorite scent? I love vainilla and the smell of rain and trees, but I also like many others like cinnamon and flowers. My nose is very sensitive.
6. Favorite restaurant OR favorite thing to order at a restaurant? No way I can choose only one, but I definitely like to try new foods every time is possible.
7. Body wash or bar soap? Both, it depends on what I have at the moment.
8. Favorite painting/painter? OR era? I love surreal and abstract paintings, but I'm big appreciator of all sorts of artistic expressions.
9. Pointy toe, round toe, or peep toe? OR High tops or low tops? (for those who don't wear heels)
Pointy toe despite the trends :)
10. Has your love ever been unrequited? (Sorry, Lykke Li moment) Yes, it was tragic but it helped me to find the real thing :)
11. Favorite lotion? I'll tell you a couple of lotions I really like: J'adore by Dior, Armani code,Crystal noir by Versace, Valentina by Valentino, Light blue by Dolce & Gabbana and Hypnose by Lancome .

My questions: 
1- Favorite book
2- Favorite scent
3- Stripes or polka dots?
4- Favorite music genre
5- Long hair or short hair?
6- Staying in watching movies or going out dancing?
7- Favorite holiday
8- How many languages do you speak?
9- Good at math?
10- How did you find polyvore?
11- Do you wear a watch?
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