• Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations
    Ever since i was 3 years old and was able to pick up a pencil, i haven't been able to put it down...
  • Raven Crow with Skulls - HALLOWEEN Skulls Art Print on antique book Page Crow Raven Art Print
    Raven Crow with Skulls HALLOWEEN Skulls Art Print on antique book Page Crow Raven Art Print. Contemplating the condition of his new toys, our Raven Crow is ready for eerie Poe fun. whispering, Nevermore! This listing is for one Antique Crow Raven with Skulls Art Print. Phot 4 shows a cute Poe and Raven Crow Art Print that would be lovely paired together! OUR ORIGINAL DESIGN & CONCEPT All of our prints may be ordered on MUSIC sheet book pages too. Please leave us a note when checking out as to your preference. Paper: We use gorgeous antique book pages from 1883-1890. The pages are two and three column pages with borders, considered in that day to be high end publishing as opposed to the common three page column, no border style used for lower budget publishing. The pages were printed in the 1800's by running the page through first for the text, then back again through the printer for the beautiful borders. We are the first shop to use the book pages for our prints which come from four separate books. All of which are represented in the photos of our prints. We spent an enormous amount of time researching to find our beautiful book pages for you before opening our shop in Feb 2010. The books we use are very rare and very expensive. We are also the first shop to use banners and quotes. All which are apart of our Black Baroque signature style. Print Size: The page size is 8 x 10 inches or 20.3 x 25.4 cm. Illustrations: All of our illustrations are dated from the time period between the 16th and 18th centuries. We have been collecting rare antique books for years. We have antiquarian book dealers who search for engravings, lithographs, chromolithographs, for us in the USA and in Europe. Our favorite books are miniature books from one inch to 1.5 inches in size, gold leafed pages, leather bound. Our favorite of all our collection of antique books is an antique Cinderella Book you can see on our flickr page. The link is in our profile. About your print: You will receive one book page but not the exact book page as shown in this listing as they come from one book making each page one of a kind. Please keep in mind that one of the reasons we use antique books pages besides their beauty and that they make for an interesting read, is to also to recycle giving them new life. We find that there is a loss of love of antique books except with antiquarian collectors and dealers, and in using antique book pages we feel we are helping to keep a part of history and its beauty alive. In the spirit of saving the past and recycling, we use book pages for our prints that have character flaws with spotting, uneven printing and corner bending adding antique charm to the pages. All of our book pages have that gorgeous golden color that only comes from age. The frame is not included. We do not sell them and we do not know where you can buy them. Your print will be packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with a cardboard insert to protect the print while being shipped. It is shipped in a large white mailer. The prints hanging in the room photos are enlarged only so that you may see them more clearly as an example of them on a wall. The actual size is not depicted. We offer Flat Rate Shipping to all of our customers all around the world. Flat rate shipping means you are only charged one price per order no matter how many prints you buy. For example: if you order 10 prints, and you live in the USA, you would be charged only $3 to ship all of your prints. Please read our shop policies before purchasing. We hold the copyrights to all of our prints. Delighted you stopped by
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  • To Kill a Mockingbird Finch brooch. Classic book brooches made with original pages.
    To Kill a Mockingbird - Finch brooch I make these finch shaped brooches from offcuts of wood and MDF board and cover them in pages taken from my
    Celebrate the rich history of DC Comics' long-running series at home with our Superman Comic Book Cover Wall Decal. This larger-than-life poster decal brings the patriotic cover of Superman issue 14, originally published in 1942, right to your wall! Measuring just under three feet high, this massive poster brings the patriotic cover of Superman #14, originally published in 1942, right to your wall! The peel and stick application is super easy, all you need to do is peel the pre-cut sticker
  • The Sketch Book
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  • Altuzarra for Target Look Book
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  • Illustrations of Unlikely Hipsters Lomography
    These interesting illustrations depict famous artists and movie protagonists, cartoon and comic book characters, as 'Hipsters'. The Chilean illustrator, Fab Ciraolo, creates beautifully colored, vintage-looking, illustrations and has featured iconic people dressed in what would generally be perceived as 'Hipster gear'.
  • A History of the Crusades
    A History of the Crusades book by Steven Runciman - The Folio Society. Beautiful illustrated edition. Buy online.
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  • D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths
    No education is complete without a large slice of Greek mythology. And there's no better way of meeting that literary quota than with the D'Aulaires' book. All the great gods and goddesses of ancient Greece are depicted in this big, beautiful classic, lovingly illustrated and skillfully told. Young readers will be dazzled by mighty Zeus, lord of the universe; stirred by elegant Athena, goddess of wisdom; intimidated by powerful Hera, queen of Olympus; and chilled by moody Poseidon, ruler of the sea. These often impetuous immortals flounce and frolic, get indiscreet, and get even. From petty squabbles to heroic deeds, their actions cover the range of godly--and mortal--personalities.
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  • Tuesday Ten Best Coffee Table Books
    Read on to see my top 10 favorite coffee table books...
  • Open Book With Pages
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  • Peter Pan (Barnes Noble Collectible Editions)
    Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook, Other Format. Neverland is home to Peter Pan, a young boy who has never grown up. On one of his visits to London, Peter makes the acquaintance of young Wendy Darling, whom he invites to travel with him to Neverland
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  • PoP as Malika Favre
    Malika Favre is a french illustrator/art director based in East London. Favre is genial creating a great power communication with such a few contour lines. In her works she uses clean curved lines, waves of light and games of primary colours. She’s worked on a variety of projects: spanning editorial, advertising and publishing for clients such as Vogue, The New Yorker, Penguin Books, Volcom and Gucci.
  • Tim Burton (PB)
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    By Ron Magliozzi and Jenny He. With a visual style inspired by the aesthetics of animation and silent comedy, Tim Burton has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking over the past three decades, melding the exotic, the horrific, and the comic and manipulating expressionism and fantasy with the skill of a graphic novelist. Published to accompany the major career retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art, this book considers Burton's career as an artist and filmmaker. It narrates the evolution of his creative practices, following the current of his visual imagination from his earliest childhood drawings through his mature oeuvre. Illustrated with works on paper, moving-image stills, drawn and painted concept art, puppets and maquettes, storyboards, and examples of his work as a graphic artist, this book sheds new light on Burton and presents previously unseen works from the artist's personal archive. Includes 64 color illustrations.
  • Vintage Music Book, Vintage Book, Antique Book, Antique Music Book, Early 1900s, Songs That Never Grow Old
    SALE. If you read any of my s, you'll see how much I love old booksthe feel, the smellno Kindle can give you that. They're great for decorating or to read of course. :) This one has gorgeous art nouveau designs on the front. Just fabulous! I love the pictures in this old music book, just fabulous! Copyright is 1909 by the North American Music Publishing Company and 1913 by F.E. Wright. No missing pages. The first page, which is blank, has some crayon scribble covering most of the page. I found no other writing. The pages are all in great shape for age, corners look good and no tears. The pages are mostly bound together, but the binding is not fully attached to the book cover. Measures about 10 x 7 1/2 inches. The first sentence of the Foreward states: "SongsThat Never Grow Old" is exactly described by it's title, being a collection of old time songs that have been tried and forever loved, in contrast with the trashy and short-lived ragtime songs of the present day. "The songs in this book are for all time. It si in fact, seven books in one, containing, Home Songs, Love Songs, College Songs, Patriotic Songs, Sacred Songs, Operatic Songs, and National Songs." There are over 200 songs listed. Thanks so much for looking! Please
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  • Caroline Andrieu Fashion Illustrations [update]
    Last year we reviewed the gorgeous illustrations of Paris-based, Slovakian artist Caroline Andrieu, since then she updated her portfolio with even more gorgeous drawings. She continues to work with pen & ink to create this illustrative perfection. Love her style so much that I would definitely place her in my top 5 fav' fashion illustrators!
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