My dad was discharged from hospital earlier this morning, and I think it's best birthday present I've ever received.

I wanted to get Big Bang's Extraordinary 20's Photoboook for my birthday but now it's not the best financial time for my parents, and I'm not a small kid, I can understand no money = no expensive presents now;

but she promised to buy me it later:) And gave me Hello Kitty towel instead:P

When you're young you want pretty&expensive things/toys,
but when you're older you want pretty&useful presents, and I'm very happy to have now pretty pink towel. And I must say I'm bathroom person - I like taking long baths, so any bathing accessories - like towels - are good presents for me:)

I also love socks:) And I know that people usually don't like receiving socks as presents but I wouldn't mind new pair:)

Even though I don't have birthday party - I'll make one sometime next week - I'm having very pleasant day;

it's thanks to my family that is with me, my friends,
and you:)

Thank you for all sets& wishes:)

And it's still 5th, so who knows, maybe there's more birthday surprises waiting for me ^___^

(Really I'm so happy my dad is with me that I can't describe it:P Even though he's now taking a nap, just his presence in home makes me happy!)
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