Lefkada Island's Vistor's. {the boys.}

Welcome to Lefkada! We're a little island in Greece, very small, but you'll love it here. Go ahead, look it up! Learn a little bit about us, it's always good to come prepared. We recently opened up a, what you would say..resort here on the island, / private / for only young celebrities. 25 and under, as a matter of fact! We hope you enjoy it, here in paradise. Welcome to Lefkada.
- i am aware the youtube boys wouldn't cut it as 'celebs,' but so many people wanted them, i went ahead and added them. hope you guys like. x
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Wrote one year ago
It's me from SD(:
<3 Finn Harries
<3 Jack Harries
<3Caspaer Lee
<3One Direction
<3Taylor Lautner
<3Robert Pattinson
Didn't take them


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