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So I apologize for the shittyness of all of this. It was rushed.

Name: Erin Davis, 21
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Previous jobs: waitressing, librarian
Bio: Erin’s always been average. At least that’s what she considers herself. There’s nothing astonishing about her. She got decent grades in high school, had a few friends but none she really liked, and on the weekends she usually just stayed home and read. Not much has changed. However, in the past few months she’s become a Victoria’s Secret angel, definitely not average. She’s not sure how this happened. After some convincing from her parents she sent in some model applications and somehow got picked up by one of the biggest names in the world. Something about Erin changes when she’s on the stage or in front of the cameras. She becomes anything but average. To say the least she loves it but she feels like it won’t last.
Model: Caroline Trentini
(optional) Collection: I don’t have enough time to make one right now but if I get the part I’ll for sure make one.
The water came drizzling down my body. There was nothing better in the early morning than a hot shower. I rubbed my face, leaving my hands over my eyes while I took a deep, yoga style, breath and let it out. The steam felt good against my burning eyes. It was too early but I had a photo shoot in an hour. I pushed down the handle and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around my awkward body. I continued on to brush my teeth and put in my contacts. I hated wearing contacts. My glasses were better but not so glamorous, which is what I was now, glamorous. Yeah, right.

I pulled off the towel and used it to wipe the fog off of the mirror, revealing my dangly arms and skinny torso. I stood there for a while looking at my awful reflection wondering how anyone could find it attractive. Once I’d gotten good and insecure I went into my room and slipped in to a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater. That was the nice thing about photo shoots. You didn’t have to get ready for them. You could go in your grungiest clothes with no make-up and shit hair. That was the way they liked it, a fresh face like a clean piece of paper ready to be painted on. Whatever, fine with me.

I started a pot of coffee and sat down at the table, sorting through mail, mostly bills, bills I could just barely pay. You’d think being a big model now I’d be able to pay for everything and anything but I was new to the industry and I didn’t get paid much. I could hardly afford to buy groceries, but maybe that’s the way they liked it. No food, not fat. 

Once the coffee was heated up I poured it into a thermos along with practically a cup of cream, stirred it and was ready to for a day of make-up, bright lights and lingerie.
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