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Title is from a New Moon Fanfic I read. in Edwards POV. 

2nd twilight Set in a while! Wow!


I actually like this Set. it's because of all those AWESOME pictures.

Credit to Anndi and Precious_girl[Nature] for the pictures!

I added this song because it is stuck in my head. it's good so Whatever! But it still goes with the title. Listen to it! 

I actually took a good while on this set. I took my time. 

I watched The Final Destination the other night. Then Dorian grey. My Sisters keeper and orphan. All 4 movies were rather greatl

The Final Destination was a little gross. Dorian grey was confusing for me at first. my Sisters Keeper I found it sad. But the orphan was good. I liked it.

So How is everyone!
I don't ask that alot!

Question of the Day!
Kristen or Rob.?

though I can pretty much guess who you all love more!


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