This set is dedicated to my dearest Mahvelus 24/7! First, I'd like to thank you for your amazing present:
From the title to the layout, it was perfection♥
My gift set to you is inspired by the beauty and strength of your sets, deeply rooted in a rich universe of Literature, History and Culture.
But it is also inspired by my ancestors from the Caribbean. And since you also have Caribbean ancestry, I would like to shed a light on the flamboyant, diverse and intriguing heritage of those beautiful islands. 

Indeed, the past has not always been bright, but through the struggle, the pain, the bloodshed and long-suffering, the strength of a people determined to survive was formed. 
 The Caribbean woman in particular, though fragile, became a symbol of survival and strength. Amidst the hardships, deep down, she never forgot her true Worth. She knew that the blood that flowed in her veins was one of power, resistance and virtue. With God by her side and in her heart, she never gave up, stayed true to herself and was able to rise above her life circumstances.
 This set depicts the values that the Caribbean woman seeks to instill in her daughter, in a way that they are passed on from generation to generation.
"Never forget who you are my child, without God you are nothing, in Him you are everything. You are a Daughter of the King of kings. Always remember your worth and be the Best that you can be", I can hear echo in the air, in a voice filled with hope-and yet a subtle nostalgia. In the way Grandma spoke to me, the tone of voice that is firm, because of the scars of the past; yet soft, because in the end there is always Hope. For to overcome the weight of a painful past, one must not dwell on it, but choose to forgive and to love, selflessly, sincerely and wholeheartedly. 
It is love that makes the difference. It is Love that they held on to when there had nothing left in this world, it is love that gave them the will to keep on keeping on, it is love that gives the will to live another day. It's Love... Always... Forever... Eternally. 

This Truth illustrates how a modest and painful heritage blossomed into a majestic "Legacy of Love". 

With Love and Blessings, Clo
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