Leighton Blythe, CMC

gotham city
socialite and actress
leighton blythe or miss blythe is the name spoken on the lips of most people and unfortunately for the actress she grew up in the eye of the media. it began as a casual job, a way to earn her own money instead of always relying on her wealth parents. it seemed leighton was always dependent and wanted to stand on her own two feet; she still maintains her strong-minded and dedicated personality which thoroughly shows through her acting. beginning in a minor role, as a young 15-year old girl, she continued to shock a nation with the talent that had been hidden underneath the private school uniform and flawless blonde hair. lead roles continued fall into the palm of her hands, becoming a must-have actress in upcoming films, a demanded woman. it's no longer a hobby, leighton has taken acting much more seriously and it has allowed leighton to make her mark on the world. not her parent's mark. it's surprising to say she hasn't been the one to 'hook up' the male leads, other cast members or directors. but with such a beautiful girl still single, it shouldn't last much longer? though, it seems that leighton has much more on her plate than flings and romance. her current film, being a horror/mystery film, is rumored to be cursed. cursed? unknown fires, accidents, near death situations have been happening on set and almost every week there's another cast member fleeing for their life. leighton has spoken publicly, 'i don't believe in curses or such things' but ever since these mishaps have been occuring; there's been mysterious letters left in her dressing rooms. nonsense letters. riddles. has leighton got an unwanted fan? or is it all one big prank?

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