I made this set for my best real life friend ever @stephaniee90 
To celebrate B-Day on Dec,31 may be all you girls know we're real life friend who join polyvore.
And i wanna made this special set for my friend.
I made You fab things in one set-Leighton,Blue,Yellow,Lace,white blazers kinda weird style sorry.
For you ,Cobra Starship Ft.Leighton-Good Girl gone bad[MV]:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix5z1bRz4Sc&ob=av2e [I love this song too]

This year we're celebrate holiday& your Birthday together!! it's surprise.
Happy Birthday to you and i wishing you all the best,Get A >>every class& pass your Laws exam too.
Also take care your healthy ,i wishes you find good guy in recently,and thank you so much for our 11 years friendship still with us i can't believe it.
Most of all ,Thank you for born to be my friend I'm glad that the day 11 years ago i had met you.My first choice though to Megan Fox that you absolutely look a like her ohhh yes i think so,you not big just you taller than normal tee heee:))

We're grow up to be adult and to be own kind of beautiful lady on our way,thank you for help me about my job and scan boyssss haha!!*_____* sigh:)

Ohhhh so weird Steph that i've talks too much,
Okay let's stop it.
I know you'll love it hahaaaaaaa till the end of night<3

Love,Ichihara and your Rainie day:))
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