I won a free ticket to watch Saving Mr Banks on Wednesday night and I loved it.

I say that I love a lot of things, but this movie is one which I really really love.

It is about Walt Disney trying to win the rights to the book Mary Poppins, so that he can produce a movie about it. I learnt many facts from this, it really surprised me to hear that Mr Disney actually spent about 20 years trying to win over P.L. Travers. The show was all about Emma Thompson. She won it, hands down. I have no clue how she acted so realistically and full of emotions that she made me cry more than thrice in the movie. Her inner turmoils are tragic, her demons true. The character she played wasn't supposed to be likeable but she was to me. The English accent coupled together with her witty sarcastic comments left a small smile on my lips. Her past, albeit sad, really shed light to the whole situation on why she was easy to find fault in every single part of the movie production. It didn't strike me that Mary Poppins was there to save the father, instead of the children. (Silly me, in retrospect.)

Tom Hanks. I think he was a great Walt Disney too. Both of them acted so well, they made me believe that they were the characters they were playing. Which doesn't happen that often if your character exists in real life. This movie wasn't all about magic, it seemed more like striking a deal. Also, the movie portrayed both characters as rather amicable, but I don't think that was the actual relationship between the both of them. The movie didn't hew to the real history. However, this slight edit to the relationship I suppose made the movie more touching. Although the focus was not on magic, the movie was magical in every aspect. Watching P.L. Travers slowly let go of her book and giving her father an alternate ending was marvellous. I think that alone was magical. 

'Lets Go Fly A Kite' is such a cute song. I adore this movie's soundtrack a lot haha :) It made me miss the Sharman brothers so much ugh. I recommend this movie to you guys! Don't expect it to be 100% true, but it's really touching and worth a watch.

Happy birthday to @stylistish @rainie-minnie :)
Here's my wishes to you, a modified version of Walt Disney's words - Adversities, troubles and obstacles will strengthen you... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. Don't be afraid of obstacles, stay strong and go in the direction of your dreams xx

PS: Top set on 5 March, made me really happy.
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