Tuesday August 10: Level Four's going to need every doctor stationed there today. A car accident has left many severly injured. Surgeons are going to be busy non-stop. Even if you're not scheduled you have a surgery today. Attending Doctors you need to be on the top of your game, if someone dies the blood's on your hands. Interns and Residents just do as your told. Make Los Angeles Memorial proud.

Dr. Leila Hampton [Interns: Vienna Oaks and Hawk Harris] (Nurse: Ellie Garner) 

I sighed and pulled my hair back into a ponytail again after the last one had fallen out. I pushed open the door to the on call room and sat down on one of the open beds. The room was dark and empty, surprisingly nobody else was in there. I was the only one in the room until the door opened, making me groan at the sight of the light from the hallway. 

“Close the door,” I murmured and as I lifted my head up from the pillow. 

“Hello to you too,” Naya laughed and shut the door behind her, letting the room return to darkness again. “Sleep sounds so good right now,” she muttered. 

“No talking,” I murmured under my breath and buried my face deeper into my pillow. I was half way to falling asleep when I heard her pager go off. We both groaned and then mine went off as well. 

“Level four?” She murmured, sounding almost a bit shocked. 

“Me too,” I said, equally confused. Naya pushed open the door and we rushed up to the fourth floor. 

“What’s going on,” she asked Ruby who was standing nearby. 

“Car accident,” she explained, a worried expression on her face. “It must be really serious, all the doctors are stationed down here.” 

“Coming through,” one of the paramedics shouted as he wheeled in one of the first patients. She looked about twenty one and her face had a bunch of scrapes and cuts. She was an emotional wreck, crying as he pushed her further into the floor. 

I felt someone grab my arm and pull me out of the way. I turned around and saw it was Ben. “Thanks,” I sighed and flashed him a small smile. 

“It was, uh, no problem,” he muttered.

“Um, look I’m sorry I acted like such a biitch,” I murmured myself, my arms were crossed over my chest and I looked down at my shoes, avoiding his eye contact. 

He eyed me oddly before slowly nodding his head. “It’s no big deal?” He said, sounding a bit surprised. 

“HAMPTON,” I heard Dr. Burns call out. He was the Chief of Surgery, clearly outranking me by far. 

“See you later,” I asked Ben.

“Sure,” he said and flashed me a faint smile. 

“What’s up Chief?” I asked him and stuck my hands into the pocket of my coat. 

“Look I’m going to need you to be more concerned with your patient than Doctor Distant,” he said, snapping me out of whatever daze I was in. 

{more later on, anybody want me to include them?}

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