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Royals - LORDE

[idk i kind of want to slap my classmate because she kept nagging at me to sit next to her and im like why dont you sit there and then i saw a cockroach under the seat like excuse you that is rude i am not sitting on top of that vicious animal, and some girls weren't playing by the rules in sport and i know it sounds weird but when you are supposed to sit because you didnt score, do so and then when we went to another team then they played fair like no no no u r rude 100% and one more thing our school had a uniform fashion show and they were just no okay today has been a no day kk okay no more with my rant]

Today, albeit a bit more relaxing than yesterday, is still vitally important as a new recruit to the Avengers. Demonstrate to us what your hero attire will look like, how you will dress, what people will identify you by, and how you will represent the Avengers. We want to see creativity in your hero uniforms and once again, do not disappoint us.

“Why are you wearing a hoodie?”, asks Kyle, looking up and down on , me, probably wondering if I could expose myself even more, with my milliskin bottoms and thigh high boots, I probably looked like I was headed for a dodgy alleyway in the Bronx to sell myself. “Because you’ve seen enough boobs in your lifetime and I’m not going to add myself on the list, plus it’s kinda cold” I say, shivering and adding a tooth chatter, the reality was, I just felt kind of awkward until I saw more of the girls around. I already saw Crystal and Wanda talking to each other. “Well, maybe you can use your magical powers and turn yourself into a bunny, which should keep you warm” he suggested. “Or maybe I can turn you into one tough guy” I say mockingly, adding a wink. “Me a bunny? No, the only bunny I’ll take is a-“ “I don’t want to know” I quickly burst in, it was pretty obvious on what he was going to say. 
“Hey there” chimes in Carol, and then it hit me, a moment of foreshadowing, talking about bunnies and then the girl I was going to turn into one comes along. 

“I’m gonna go eat” says Kyle, walking off leaving me with Carol. “Hey, nice suit” I say, smiling. “Thanks, it’s something that embodies me to make me feel powerful, I feel unstoppable in it” she declares proudly. I force a smile, I wasn’t so much into the “Weehee I’m invincible in my super suit” kind of people, or just people that come off as thinking they’re invicible. “I’m kinda bare in mine” I say uneasily, unzipping my hoodie to reveal the rest of my costume. “It’s pretty!” she says as a beeping noise comes from her device, “I gotta go, need to quickly check up on something, I’ll see ya later” she says, walking off with a salute.

I head over to Crystal, Wanda and now Jessica who are all talking. “Hi” I pipe in, forcing a smile again, I didn’t have enough sleep, I was kind of cranky. “Oh hey Sersi” smiles Jessica. “How are you guys doing?” I ask. “Good” they all said at the same time, nodding. “What about you?” asks Crystal. “Kind of tired, I was finishing off my piece last night, stayed up too late” I yawn. “I like these suits, they’re just pretty cool, I mean doing out of this world stuff is odd in normal clothes right?” chimes Wanda. “Ehh not really, I had to wear a toga one time, not the most comfortable of all costumes let’s say” I reply. 

“Did that toga show off as much bare flesh?” I hear a voice behind me say and hear Amora, raising her perfectly plucked eyebrows, eyeing me. “Well uh-“I begin. “Later” she grins as she glides away. I sigh and turn back to the group of girls “I’ll talk to you guys later” I say weakly and head off, hands in my hoodie pockets I find Vance and sit down on the sofa next to him. “This is such a pain in the ass, I want to get it over and done with like I’m old do I need to learn anything new?” I begin to rant to Vance, without even saying hello because he’d understand. “Well just go ahead with it, maybe proving you’re super advanced might get you somewhere” he says, peeling an apple to eat. “But...” you can’t really argue with that, he made a valid point. “Got nothing to say?” he munches. “You win” “I knew I would” he smiles, vanquishing his apple. “Left no friendly morsel for me?” I say all puppy eyed. “You can get your own apple” he smirks. “Fine then Mr Apple Hogger, take them away” I proclaim theatrically as I sashay out the door, because acting melodramatic was pretty fun.

I spotted Bucky looking at my melodramatic exit.....and my chest. “I’m flattered you went into all that effort, now there’s so much to look at”, he grins. “Whoever said this was for you?” I smirk. “Whoever said it wasn’t?” he says as he began to come closer to me. “I will turn you into a gecko if you come any closer”, I say, folding my arms as he slowly begins to back away, narrowing his eyes and smirking. “You win, for today”, he says as I stifle a giggle.


"Thanks for sharing your outfit with us Agent Sersi, it is so nice to see you showcase your own creation, it will stand out compare to the others, also good that you will have your own trademark with the panelling and the Halas lace" says Amora, brushing her collarbones, kind of telling me that maybe I should have covered up like the rest of the girls, but hey fine with me.

"Thanks Agent Sersi, you can leave" she says and writes down on a piece of paper.


“You know what would be awesome, if we had Transformers suits and then we looked normal and then burst into an oversized robot and annihilate the villains”, insists Bobbi, grabbing a handful of popcorn as we watched Titanic. “Not a bad idea, that’d be unexpected” I nod, grabbing a handful for myself, drinking a bit of lemonade. “Noo Jack! Don’t go with Rose, bad idea Jack bad idea!” she yells, throwing a bunch of kernels at the screen and moaning in frustration, leaving me laughing. “That part frustrates me so much, I just never get over it” she says. “Maybe you should have been on set in your Transformers suit and crush Rose” I suggest, opening up an ice cream. “Not bad” she nods. Not bad indeed.


Wee this was so rushed asdfghjkl sorry I can't really think at the moment but I still wanted to finish something.
Type "transformerbunny" if you read it all!

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