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hello lovelies, happy 2k16!

i know its three days late, i know i already posted two sets before but i didn't feel like writing desc at all so i'm sorry i am late okay hahaha. and yeah i am currently at my grandpa's, spending my last holiday with my cousins! we had a barbecue party on new years eve and i ate too much but its good :)

i am so glad i can get through 2015, so many things happened last year! 2015 was so exciting yet unexpected, oh and a bit shocking. so many people made resolutions for this year and i don't know if i should make one...but yeah, i think i should. new year, new me?

1. be more friendly and humble to everyone, whether in real life or on poly.
i enjoyed my own company, its fine, i feel so peaceful tbh. but being friendly just made me happy! because i can meet new people with new music tastes, new personalities, and i feel like i learned a lot from some of them. so anyone, if you want to know me, just hit me up through private messages! 

2. eat healthier.
uh, buulshiz much? haha idk. i ate too many junk foods and cheese and other actually-not-good-for-your-body foods?? and i think i should eat something healthier, like maybe i can replace my rice with some salad or some fruits.

3. drink more water.
i didnt like water that much back then bc it has no taste?? idk i just dont like it. but in 2015 some of my friends pushed me to drink water like, more than usual. and i realized its acTUALLY REALLY GOOD, like for your health of course. and i feel like water can hold your hunger?? of course you need to eat but at least (for me) i can minimize the portion of my meals bc i drank water before i ate foods, so thats great!

4. stay focus.
i procrastinate a lot, i admit it. i love doing my homeworks sometimes, i love writing the essays bc i love writing. but i get distracted a lot like by picking what music should i listen to, whats the best position, whats the best snack to eat to while doing homework, ugh the possibilities are endless. its my senior year now and i have so many things to do like preparing for the colleges and other stuffs.

5. put myself first.
no, i am not trying to be selfish. in 2015 i feel like i always put people's happiness first than my own happiness. i feel like i always giving my actual chance, to other people. i feel like i cared too much, even if they don't care a single thing about me. and it actually hurts. no, i don't want to brag about no one cares about me but there's nothing wrong with nice and good feedbacks, right? i wish i could say a lot about this but i can't because i think its too private. but from now on, i'll make my own boundaries. i am and will kind to everyone, but that doesn't mean they can walk on me. 

longest desc ever, i think? anyway thanks for reading! have a good day :-)

if you read this, comment your new year resolution, at least one of them. x
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