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And I shall write down ten things I love….

1. I love my I-Pod, because without my music I couldn’t live, so obviously: I love music^^ Every kind of ;D

2. I love playing the piano, just sitting in my room, playing old pieces for hours, being alone and just having time for yourself to dream.

3. I love football, especially Real Madrid and Mesut Özil :) I love watching all the games, best of all seeing my favourite team winning, but just watching a good game with family or friends make me happy.
4. I love table tennis, being outside, just playing and enjoying, having fun and laughing with a good friend. I just came inside after playing for around one and an half hour :) And I had so much fun.

5. I love visiting unknown cities, in the summer holidays I’ve been to Florence and it’s such a beautiful city, in spring I was in Berlin, last year in London (I love this city ♥) and in autumn I will be in Cannes, Istanbul, … You can discover so many wonderful places, I am always taking hundreds of phtos^^

6. I love art museums, just going around for a long time, looking at all these different pictures, sculptures,… To think about what the work of art wants to tell you. 

7. I love my friends, I think everybody does^^ Meeting for minigolf, eating ice, going to the cinema or watching DVDs – we are always having so much fun and I love them.

8. I love sitting on my window sill reading with an open window when it’s raining outside and you just hear the raindrops.

9. I love reading, unfortunately I don’t have so much time because of school and etc., but above all in the holidays I’m consuming them.

10. I love writing stories or fanfictions, to invent your own world.

I could add so many more points^^ 
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