THE CHILDREN* [Take Fifteen]
In 1885 my great grandmother Lerona wrote about her vision in which she visited the Spirit World with her deceased mother. Here is an excerpt of she wrote about the spirits of deceased children (if you want to read the entire piece, see ) :
“In the second room I visited, were little tots, and in the third room were children of the size of six and seven-year-olds. These seemed to be having a most enjoyable time. They were not only being carefully instructed and making rapid advancement in learning but a portion of their time was being devoted to play. They were being taught how to play nice games that were new to me. One of the games consisted of rolling crystal balls through hoops. In this they were having a jolly time. The grades I visited embraced children of the age of my own. The full extent of the school, number of rooms, etc., was not shown to me. One thing was manifest, the children were as happy as it is possible to imagine.”
[*Lerona’s title. I visited New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art a few days ago, where I saw delightful sculptures, drawings, and paintings of children. I thought to myself ‘I must use some of these in Polyvore sets.’]

Children, American art, nineteenth century sculpture, memoir, spirit world, Lerona Wilson, religion, Mormon, visions

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