MUSIC [Take Seven – an outtake*.]
In 1885 my great grandmother Lerona had a vision in which she visited the Spirit World with her deceased mother. After the vision she wrote about seeing the spirits of deceased children (if you want to read her account of the spirit children see: ). Here are Lerona’s words:
“My account would not be complete were I to omit mentioning the sweet music I heard while visiting the children. It seemed to come from the rooms occupied by higher grades, where they were doubtless being taught in the art of music. The sound was soft, soothing, and delightful.”
[*I must note that in presenting William Holman Hunt’s painting MAY MORNING ON MAGDALEN TOWER OXFORD (1891) with a few decorative flourishes, I have violated one of my self-imposed Polyvore principles. My desire is to rework others works while imbuing them with new meaning. Here I’ve merely re-presented Hunt’s work because it was the first artwork I thought of when I read Lerona’s description of children’s Spirit World music. Here is another view of the painting: . **Lerona’s title.]

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