THE LESSON TO ME* [Take Four –with very complicated symbolism]
 About her visit to the Spirit World with her deceased mother, my great grandmother Lerona wrote: “Mother talked to me all the time I was with her, imparting to me many ideas that enlarged my understanding and gave me a different view of life. She taught me that I must not be afraid to die; that I should be ready and willing whenever my time should come. It is, she said, just as natural to die as it is to be born. In her own case she felt it was a privilege rather than a misfortune to die when she did. I must not think we have to learn everything here, nor remain ‘til we reach perfection, for in the spirit world more rapid progress can be made. All should be reconciled to go at the proper time. I observed that mother could discern my thoughts, for as we went along she would satisfy my mind about things I desired to have explained without my asking”
[*Lerona’s title. In 1885 my great grandmother Lerona had a vision in which she visited the Spirit World with her deceased mother. Her vision reveals much about Mormon beliefs pertaining to life, death, and the afterlife.]
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