Heather Rosalie Lockheart
;From London, England
Heather is beautiful, to say it to the least. No, she's breathtaking. With her charm and beauty, Heather sparks up the room. But actually, Heather is a controlling, manipulative b-tch. She speaks laconincally rude and it takes seconds of humiliation to let her mean words sink in. With that gorgeous, iconic, clever face, Heather is smart and talented. A teacher's favorite. She's model height, striking, blonde, and blue eyed. Her euphonic voice is sought over, and she's always appearing in the head lines as the next Madonna. In her school in London, Heather is the Queen and has an irresistible boyfriend there. Heather appears perfect to the public, and has already been getting calls to model for top designers. She has an older brother who raised her who is immensely young and successful, and no one knows about her brutal past. Her mother died due to a car accident while arriving home from Heather's vocal lessons when she was 12, and Heather witnessed her death live, and her father died three years later due to heart failure. Heather was always called "a winner" by her father, and Heather believes in working for what you want. Half of her life was handed to her by a silver platter. Heather also hides the fact that her boyfriend Chase Williams, the most popular boy in school, is really just dating her so that he can hide his love for the nerdy nerd Polly Anderson. But Heather loves him back. Here in Paris, where Heather feels like she belongs, will she ever let go and rejuvenate herself?
Vidalia Breeze Clark
;From New York City
Clara Marie Banks
;From Washington DC (USA)
Top-ranked in her famously elite school in Washington DC, 
Fleur D'argent
;From Paris, France
Colecte la Nelle
;From Berlin, Germany
Yvonne Rose Souvierre
;From Cannes, France
;Likes bakeries, shopping, perfume, reading, traveling, and her puppy
;Expertise is theater
First glance, Yvonne strikes one as a rich, spoiled brat whose parents paved way for her to attend the institute so that colleges would look at her but she is so much more.
Liberty Belle Raj
;From New Delhi, India
Natasha "Nasha" Amy Hartson
;From Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
;Likes summery days, country music, her guitar, apples 
;Expertise is dance (jazz)
Nasha's your sweetheart. She was nearly bursting with happiness once she found out she qualified for the Institute, and that's why you wonder how she got in. In all AP classes in her local public school, she only got into it because she has the common sense to know that Mickey D's doesn't sell paper towels. Ever since Nasha was little, her single mother enrolled her in dance lessons. Nasha soon dedicated her life to dance at the local studio, and had started teaching when she was sixteen. 
Annabelle "Nelly" Baldwin
;From Bern, Switzerland
;Likes shopping, texting, her blackberry, champagne, partying, hedonism
Sola Raine Yukimura
;From Tokyo, Japan
Blaire Amylase Wentworth
;From Brussels, Belgium
Georgina "Georgie" Ella Abbiton
;From LA, California (USA)
Cornelia Allison Brinkley
;From Olympia, Greece
Natasha Valerie Rostov
;From St. Petersburg, Russia
Vera Glena St. Tropez
;From Madrid, Spain
;Vera collects memories. Meaning that she is a photographer. From a young age, Vera had a strange, scary understanding of the world.
Katerina Trinity Gabbana-Fyodor
;From Moscow, Russia
Simply striking and stunning, Katerina is an ice-cold girl and can be two faced at times. It's usually up to what she says. Katerina speaks her mind, and she doesn't like confirming to other people's ways. She's a trendsetting mogul, a member of the Gabbana family. Growing up, Katerina wasn't always the gorgeous girl she is today. In fact, she was an ugly duckling growing up in her family's large estate in the outskirts of Moscow. Katerina preferred novels instead of dolls, and she knew that having morals was a good thing. Katerina won more recognition from teachers than boys, until this summer, it changed. Her frizzy, uncontrollable mouse hair turned glossy golden, and she got rid of her glasses. Her eyes are a crystal blue. In Paris, Katerina feels as if her life is restarting to something different. And she feels off, but suddenly everything comes easier for her. Katerina has always been a beautiful singer, and some say that her looks are making her more successful. Who knows. Katerina is becoming more shallow each day . . .
Annaelise Margretta Hanon
;From Dresden, Germany
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