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the less i know the better - tame impala

hey what's up hello!!!
i am so happy to tell you guys that at the moment i finally can handle my timing and schedule. i am currently (still) trying to balancing my school and other things like poly and sleep and eat, and etc. last few days a gastritis attacked me and it really felt horrible. since then i decided to stay and get enough. whether its sleep, study, and eat, and also other things, too. okay so the point is: i might publish or maybe create some sets!! :-)

sooo many things happened! i won elena's @nanarachel challenge and one of the prizes is a hacked set by her:, its so cool i am in love with it!!! and also i listened to p!atd new album and golden days is my new jam. and zAYN NEW SINGLE THO AND THE MV OH YMGOD IM DEAD, its soooo cool and at first i don't think it was that cool and then as i listen to it more and more its just get way more cooler ahhhhh. and louis finally became a dad, wOOoOah. no longer my daddy :c lmao

there'll be so many great concert in indonesia this year, like 5sos and tame impala. ughhhh i like them both i have to admit that. but this year we had to prepare for the national exam so, um, maybe not this year?? to seeing them????? but im so happy just to hear them going to come here, i'll just gonna listen to their song from my phone lol

oh and i finished my collab with yoins, i wasn't sure to do it at first but it turned out nicely. i ordered a black bag (idk why i'm such a sucker for bags) today and they said it will arrive like maybe 2-3weeks. i definitely can't wait for it :-)

if you read this, please comment about the newest updates you knew haha x
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