Well, these are the clothes I would wear for these categories. Sorry this isn't the best set, but I'm listening to One Direction ^_^

The first one; Casual; when I am just lounging around that day, I usually just wear a hoodie, even if it's like 90° out. This is what I'm most comfortable in on those days.

Dressy; well, I don't really dress up much, but if I did, I would go for some sequins like the dress, yet have something a little un-fancy in the outfit, like the top of the dress.

School; the outfit combines dressing up a little, with casualty. Thats my style, but I don't really dress like it if you get what I'm saying. I love pairing tabletops like the one on here with jean shorts! For some reason I think that it is REALLY cute!

Sunday best; when I think of Sunday and going to church, I think of dresses, and being not to casual yet not to fancy. Kinda like the dress version of school.

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