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August 12, 2012

Song of the Day: Where We Land by Ed Sheeran

Quel horreur! This song does not exist on the Polyvore database! hehe... You can just look it up on Youtube. And while your at it, listen to all of Ed's songs. They're :) 

It's Sunday! And only 1.5 weeks til I return to school :( Well unofficially. Only for pre-season and newspaper duties. Blech. Those darn extracurriculars! ;)

Onto more How I Met Your Mother!


Wrote two years ago
Stylish! Adore the skirt, I loveeeee it :)
I love UNI by Ed, his songs are very cute and soulful.

Wrote two years ago
This is gorgeous!! I love the yellow skirt!

Wrote two years ago
oh such a pretty set love orange skirts here!

Wrote two years ago