I was going to tryout for things. But I need to orgnaize the roleplays I'm in. Or tryout anyway! Lolz lolz.

Someless self promotion.
You all know and love Turquoise Skye, [or DO you?!]
but did you know about Mulder's Porn tapes?
Or the princess academy?
Or Cali Whitman?
Now you do. 

I'm listenting to sexy and I know it so dancing while typing has just become an extreme sport.

PS: This layout? Not mine. I think I was going for something in the ball park of @five-hundred-days-of-penny sets but it didn't quite work as planned.
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Wrote 4 years ago
Okay, so you need to try out for this character, because oddly enough I had you in mind when I wrote her. So yes. Do it.

Wrote 4 years ago
such a cool style really love this set so perfect:)))

Wrote 4 years ago
It's the Hollywood AD episode from season 7 [which is a good one.]. My Dad and I have been watching the show in order since last summer with a break to watch all of Buffy/Angel, and watching the movie after season and 5, and we are FINALLY in the middle of 8. I watched most of them my first two years of high school, but all out of order.
I think it might be the best reason.

Wrote 4 years ago
I got it from a line in...season seven or eight. Scully's talking to the sound/image specialist guy about sounds people can't hear. Ex: Mulder's Porn Tapes on Pause. So I made a blog just so I could call it that.


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HI. :D
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