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Top Art & Expression Sets for Jan 2nd, 2014 thank you @polyvore
For all my sweet, talented dollmakers. Thank you for your inspirations. Wish you the best New Year 2014 and lots of brilliant dolls :)
Sending love - Ali
for @mycau @tabithasue @mew-muse @lisa-r (and happy belated birthday:) @urbancandy @moly35 @gailwind @crazyfish @lumos-mockingjay @lavida @rosyta @seabunny10 @maddie-madhatt3r @shellfish-suzie @majathebee @necyluv @neamisra @medamisra @piwakawaka @believerofhope @rocknqueen @elsabear @vampirkaninchen @its-beautiful-over-there @ingrid @i-watch-too-much-disney @frism @fashionista1864 @fashionfever13 @martasmiling @psicoll @lucygray @liliblue @katleadavis @anasvetlucavoinstyle @bltvioak @bittermoon @sophieviollet @diane-888 @girlyideas @semper-eadem @raevyngal @anaweston @babyface-harve @polly301 @jaynecp @angie73 @silverlining07 @robsfriend73 @gfilip @vintagemonkey @alyssastar @dewgirl007 @ayla-zaire @chomiczynka @ladypiraterose @jessica020389 @majipoor @phreak @chica07 @chocola-lover @delta @dearbette @ruh-dias @phantom-guardian @barbieliciousbeauty And so many others
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