Let It Go: An Elsa Inspired Collection

•My interpretation of what a modernized Disney princess would wear. I wanted the collections to be modern and stylish yet still have that classic fairytale charm that makes Disney so special. Enjoy!
I was so excited for this collection! I adored Frozen and Elsa is such a beautiful complex character... and quite possibly my new favorite! To quote her song, I wanted her wardrobe to represent the good girl she always has to be. I went for an almost prep school feel but nothing too stifled; I still wanted her to look fun and free... and a little glamorous!
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Wrote two months ago
Very nice, want these outfit..(✿◠‿◠)

Wrote 6 months ago
Oh so very pretty.. I'd love my closet full of this!

Wrote 6 months ago
this is so cute!