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♚ ELSA, 21
{Nastya Kusakina}
True Love: Jack
Kingdom: Violet
Title: Queen
Biography: For reasons unknown to her parents and anyone around them, Elsa was born with the magical ability to make ice and snow form. For most of her life, she viewed it as a curse especially because she narrowly killed her sister twice because of the powers. However, after finally learning to open up her heart to the world around her, she’s beginning to control them and is finding the beauty of letting people in. But as the recently-entitled queen of a country that has been under lockdown for over fifteen years, there’s a constant storm of work on her plate. Elsa hardly has time to open her heart to anyone because she’s pouring her mind over executive decisions. Although responsible by nature and quick of wit, Elsa is finding it hard to balance all of the royal duties on her plate. Her advisors, of course, are trying to persuade her that marrying well, a prince or duke from another kingdom, would do well for both her sanity and the safety of the kingdom. Truly, they are a bit at danger being right next to the sieged Emerald and having no military of any kind. They never needed any diplomacy, both good or bad, when they were under the period of isolation. As much as she wants to secure the place of her fragile kingdom, Elsa wants just as badly to fill her chilled heart with love.
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3 Alternate Characters:
(honestly, there's no order here because i'd be perfectly content with any of them)
+ Elsa
+ Ariel
+ Rapunzel
+ Anna

Sometimes Elsa enjoys the silence and the solitude of being up at such an ungodly hour of the morning, alone on her own in an expansive castle--not her personal dazzling ice palace hidden from all except her sister Anna, but the castle to the Kingdom of Arendelle. Her “home” as some would call it.

It’s usually Anna who insists on rising when the sun does (“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake,” she would say in the most melodramatic way possible as she collapses on top of a still-sleeping Elsa). But there have been times when Elsa was the first to rise, just to experience that sacred feeling of freedom and isolation. The halls would echo with her footsteps and every sweeping room seemed just as alluring as the next: silent, empty, and perhaps just a tad bit dark. It’s the perfect place to just escape and be alone. To collect thoughts and calm down, especially when an entire Kingdom is dependent on your every decision.

But this was not one of those mornings.

“Your Majesty! You have a very busy schedule ahead of you today,” one of the council members--Johann--reminds her, bursting into the room unwarranted just as Arendelle’s bell tower chimes to six in the morning. “The Duke from the North is arriving in just a few hours--ahead of schedule, might I add.”

Elsa gives a curt nod and grins as her head burrows back into the soft pillows behind her whilst trying to drown out his overtly-chipper voice. ‘No one should be up this early,’ she thinks to herself. She presses her lips tightly together as she smiles but her eyes are still completely shut from the early morning light that bursts into the room as soon as the curtains are drawn. 

“I also don’t mean to be pushy, your highness, but you have a scheduled meeting with Dorian as well--in fifteen minutes. He wishes to go over a few...ground rules, shall we call them?...before the Duke’s arrival,” Johann adds. Elsa groans and runs her fingers through her fine blonde hair at the thought of having to confront Dorian again. Johann doesn’t seem to pick up on her reaction, and continues informing her that “Dorian has wonderful plans for a union between the North and Arendelle.”

Her stomach does a flip at the immediate mention of ‘union.’ Of course Johann doesn’t pick up on her sickly grimace and assumes it to mean the simple arrangement of trade and allied relations between the two kingdoms, but Elsa knows better. She knows and understands Dorian’s true implications hidden under the “union of two kingdoms”.


He had been pushing it for weeks...months, now even. And had just recently gotten the rest of the council on board with his idea: Marry the queen with a nobleman to secure welcomed relations with several of the neighboring Kingdoms. She knew Dorian would even be so brash as to suggest she seek a man in the Kingdom of Emerald. But most of all, Elsa knew she couldn’t fight it for much longer. Dorian--and the council members--weren’t taking ‘no’ for an answer, no matter how desperately Elsa tried to disagree. No matter what, it seems Dorian has taken the upper hand; there was little else where she could run.

- - -

“My Queen, what a pleasure to meet with you again,” Dorian says, smiling as he kisses the back of her palm as most gentlemen do when greeting the queen. “I take it Johann has already informed you to the purpose of our meeting?”

Elsa nods her head warily but smiles politely nonetheless. She may have a strong distaste for the man in front of her, but the many years she had spent being drilled as a child on the duties of a queen kept her from saying what she truly felt.

“Yes, he did,” she replies back as courteous as ever. “And I take it there’s more to the story than Johann had originally let on?”

Dorian chuckles light-heartedly and shakes his head ‘no’. “On the contrary, there isn’t. The Duke of the North is simply a fine lad, perhaps a bit too quiet on his part, but he knows his kingdom very well and is anxious to make amends with Arendelle--should the queen permit it.”

The way Dorian says “permit it” instantly makes Elsa feel as if he’s insinuating something it’s not technically her choice to make. But nevertheless, she nods once more and smiles. “I’ll do whatever is in Arendelle’s best interest.”

“Just what I was hoping to hear. You’re just like your father y`know, God rest his soul,” Dorian says with a smile that puts a bitter taste in Elsa’s mouth. She was never like her father.

“And while we’re on the topic of Arendelle’s best interest, I did want to address a...tiny suggestion.”

Elsa holds her breath. She knows exactly what Dorian’s about to say, and she knows she’s not going to like it.

“...The possible agreement to a wedding,” he adds surreptitiously. “Of course, this is only a suggestion, Your Highness. But I do feel the need to mention that a King-less Queen doesn’t reflect well on a fledging Kingdom trying to make its triumphant reemergence into the world.”

Elsa immediately opens her mouth to speak, trying hard to conceal her true feelings. “Yes, but--”

“But, like I said, it’s merely only a suggestion,” Dorian reassures her. “However, I do believe the Kingdom is waiting on bated breath for /who/ and /when/ exactly our queen plans to marry. My suggestion? Open your eyes to the possibility of an arrangement between yourself and the Duke--”

He suddenly lowers his voice so that Elsa has to strain to hear--”And remember, a marriage needn’t be solely about love, if you can’t find it. I know love doesn’t come easy for you, but don’t let that deter you,” Dorian whispers before winking at Elsa. He stands upright once again, his knowing stare feels as if it’s boring into her, making her feel weak and cowardly in front of him. 

“Conceal it, don’t feel it,Elsa,” she thinks to herself in the meantime. It’s a motto she’s had to refer back to once again over the past few weeks and it takes all of her effort to keep her stoic and courteous expression for Dorian. Truthfully, she’d want nothing more than to freeze him on the spot.

“And on one last note, Your Majesty,” Dorian adds as he begins to draw farther away from Elsa. “I was recently informed that the Kingdom’s square was frozen over during the night.”

Now this, in particular, has peaked her interest. “Dorian, I wasn’t--”

“It’s caused quite a commotion this morning with all of the slipping and sliding on ice,” he continues on without a regard. “I know it’s summer--and I know you have a particularly ironic dislike for the season--but I highly advise against using your powers openly in public, even in the dead of night. I hear the commoners are still adjusting to such ‘wizardry’ in their kingdom. We wouldn’t want to frighten them, yes?”

 There was no use arguing with Dorian. There never was. Somehow, ever since being elected as leader of the Council, it’s been increasing hard to disagree with him. Just that thought alone left an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, but what else was there to do? Elsa had only just recently acquired the position of “queen” and it wasn’t like there was a preparatory lesson on how to rule a Kingdom. At the very least, Dorian did know what he was doing, so Elsa went along with it.

(She’d never admit it was for acceptance...a girl who spent the majority of her youth in complete isolation often still finds it hard to think anyone would want to talk to her--the freak with the ice powers).

Elsa nods once more and replies with a quick “Of course.” She sighs and glances down at her ground below her. “It won’t happen again,” she promises.

Dorian smiles back briefly, standing farther from Elsa than he had before. “Now hurry, you still have much to do this morning. And the Duke is almost here!”

A moment later and Elsa finds herself being whisked away by a handful of maids she hadn’t seen a moment ago, each one eager to do her hair and prepare her gown for the meet the “Duke of the North.”

Quietly to herself, she sighs, wanting nothing more than to be able to escape this place and run to her her palace: her real palace, hidden, forsaken, and made of ice.

((I think I'm going to attempt to write Elsa's story in the same manner as on OUAT, meaning each story won't be consecutive and will flash forward and flash back then start to make more basically Elsa's next story won't be in chronological order.

Ugh. This'll be interesting. 

Anyways, I originally wanted to introduce Jack, but he just didn't fit in with the flow of the story. Expect him to appear soon, though, because I just recently thought up a storyline for him that I'm suuuuper excited to do, should it pan out properly with the "curse" and all.
In the meantime, I started to develop his character, if you're interested in knowing more:
Still a work in progress, though.))

**@athousandshadesofblue; i believe i'm finished now :]

and now i'm off to bed for a 5am flight back home ^-^
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Wrote three years ago
but Alyss is great too. There's so much potential with that character.
Or Ariel. I love Ariel.
omg wait I'm no help at all.

Wrote three years ago
This is even harder because I'm awful with decisions.
I'm torn between Alyss (I'm writing a retelling of Alice in Wonderland for my creative writing class. Sooooo many great auditions for her already though), Anna, Drizella, Wendy, Avrian, Ariel...ahhh

Wrote three years ago
@larissa-xo; ooooh gurl, i feel ya. one of the toughest decisions i've had to make in a long while ;3

Wrote three years ago
Now I have to make the tough choice of picking a character, they're all fantastic. (:



The Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls Challenge

The Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls Challenge

♔ The Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls Challenge ♔
created by @jolieenrose
**notice: there more than likely has already been a challenge like this before, but hey, the more the merrier, right?
- - - -
A few months ago, I began a "Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls as Models" challenge and then a few more lovely people caught on and began the challenge too, so I figured I'd start a challenge group because, why not, right?
For this challenge, it's up to you to design Disney Princess-themed dolls and dreamcast them. You'll find the list of princesses below to recreate, and if you'd like to further the challenge, there's also Disney heroines, Disney Villains, and many more (or you could add your own!).
- - - -
♔ "Rules" ♔
01. Make a dreamcast disney doll! Any way you'd like. But ONLY dolls.
02. Submit it to this group when you're finished. There'll be contests, too, so that's cool, yeah?
03. You don't /have/ to use models. Use celebrities as well, or anyone else you see fit!
04. Also, this isn't a definitive challenge; you can complete all the princesses or heroines, etc, separately. Basically, you don't need to recreate EVERY single character to win the challenge
05. Feel free to add on more Disney characters. This obviously isn't a completed list, so if you think of someone who isn't mentioned, go ahead and cast that character as well!
06. I'll be adding more characters and categories to the list over time, such as Disney Princes, heroes, male villains, etc, so this technically will never end ;]
07. It's not required, but if you'd like, you can put all of your dolls in a lovely collection, pm me the link, and I'll post them to the main page when finished.
08. Also, you do not have to complete the dolls in chronological order. Make them based on who you like best, who's the easiest/hardest/prettiest/etc, or even randomly. It doesn't matter.
09. Just have fun and see how many you can do!
10. You'll complete the challenge every time you finish a category, so there's multiple times you can "win", per se.
- - - -
☆ The Categories ☆

♔ Disney Princesses ♔
01. Snow White | Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
02. Cinderella | Cinderella
03. Aurora | Sleeping Beauty
04. Ariel | The Little Mermaid
05. Belle | Beauty and the Beast
06. Jasmine | Aladdin
07. Pocahontas | Pocahontas
08. Mulan | Mulan
09. Tiana | The Princess and the Frog
10. Rapunzel | Tangled
11. Merida | Brave
12. Anna | Frozen
13. Elsa | Frozen

♔ Disney Heroines ♔
14. Alice | Alice in Wonderland
15. Wendy Darling | Peter Pan
16. Eilonwy | The Black Cauldron
17. Esmeralda | The Hunchback of Notre Dame
18. Megara | Hercules
19. Jane Porter | Tarzan
20. Jane | Peter Pan: Return to Neverland
21. Melody | The Little Mermaid 2
22. Kida | Atlantis: The Lost Empire
23. Lilo | Lilo & Stitch
24. Giselle | Enchanted
25. Boo | Monsters Inc.
26. Charlotte La Bouff | The Princess and the Frog
27. Bo Peep | Toy Story
28. Jessie | Toy Story 2
29. Barbie | Toy Story 3
30. Sofia | Sofia the First
31. Vanellope von Schweetz | Wreck-It Ralph
32. Jessica Rabbit | Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
33. Madellaine | The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
34. Sally | Nightmare Before Christmas

♔ Disney Ladies ♔
35. Nani | Lilo & Stitch
36. The Blue Fairy | Pinocchio
37. Anita | 101 Dalmatians
38. Tigerlily | Peter Pan
39. Audrey Rocio Ramirez | Atlantis: The Lost Empire
40. Flora | Sleeping Beauty
41. Fauna | Sleeping Beauty
42. Merryweather | Sleeping Beauty
43. The Fairy Godmother | Cinderella
44. Aquata | The Little Mermaid
45. Andrina | The Little Mermaid
46. Arista | The Little Mermaid
47. Attina | The Little Mermaid
48. Adella | The Little Mermaid
49. Alana | The Little Mermaid
50. Athena | The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
51. Chicha | The Emporer's New Groove
52. Nakoma | Pocahontas

♔ Disney Fairies ♔
53. Tinkerbell | Peter Pan
54. Rosetta | Tinker Bell
55. Iridessa | Tinker Bell
56. Silvermist | Tinker Bell
57. Fawn | Tinker Bell
58. Vidia | Tinker Bell
59. Fairy Mary | Tinker Bell
60. Queen Clarion | Tinker Bell
61. Lyria | Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
62. Viola | Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
63. Periwinkle | Secret of the Wings
64. Spike | Secret of the Wings
65. Gliss | Secret of the Wings
66. Zarina | The Pirate Fairy

♔ Disney Animal Heroines ♔
67. Minnie
68. Daisy Duck
69. Faline | Bambi
70. Flower | Bambi
71. Maid Marian | Robin Hood
72. Marie | The Aristocats
73. Duchess | The Aristocats
74. Lady | Lady and the Tramp
75. Perdita | 101 Dalmatians
76. Vixey | The Fox and the Hound
77. Georgette | Oliver and Company
78. Nala | The Lion King
79. Princess Atta | A Bug's Life
80. Dot | A Bug's Life
81. Kiara | The Lion King 2
82. Dory | Finding Nemo
83. Rita | Oliver and Company
84. Georgette | Oliver and Company

♔ Disney Villains ♔
85. The Evil Queen | Snow White
86. Lady Tremaine | Cinderella
87. Anastasia | Cinderella
88. Drizella | Cinderella
89. Maleficent | Sleeping Beauty
90. Cruella de Vil | 101 Dalmatians
91. The Queen of Hearts | Alice in Wonderland
92. Ursula | The Little Mermaid
93. Vanessa | The Little Mermaid
94. Morgana | The Little Mermaid 2
95. Helga Sinclair | Atlantis: The Lost Empire
96. Madame Medusa | The Rescuers
97. Mother Gothel | Tangled
98. Queen Narissa | Enchanted
99. Yzma | The Emperor's New Groove
100. Marina Del Rey | The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

♔ Bonus Non-Disney Princesses ♔
101. Anastasia | Anastasia
102. Odette | The Swan Princess
103. Thumbelina | Thumbelina
- - - -

♔ Completed Challenges ♔
01. @jolieenrose (
02. @ultracake (
03. @ladypiraterose (
04. @oceanicinsomniac (
05. @phreak (
06. @ohioruth (
07. @expiredsunshine (
08. @never-never (


4th place in group contest: NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF.

4th place in group contest: NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF.

32 sets from 32 members. Ended three years ago.
Or Az's curse, whoops.
This is the official tryout contest for "A Curse of Vengeance." Make sure you have read over the information fully and have a proper, FINISHED audition by the time this contest comes to a close. The goal is to have parts announced as soon as possible.
Happy auditioning!

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