Love the movie, The Lorax!
It was awesome (:
My fave cartoon movie! 


10 different things you want to say to 10 different people.

1. Best Friend : You are amazing in so many ways. Popular, Pretty & Funny. Since I dropped out of cheer, I'm afraid you'll get new better cheer friends, even though I talked to you like yesterday in person & we were fine..

2. Sister : I really dont know how we are right now. Sometimes we're okay, somtimes we're not.

3. {Person I dislike in real} I really have nothing nice to say you. I did nothing to you, yet for some reason you have a problem with the way I dress & the people I hang out with. Im sorry I'm classy & know everyone & all you're known for is being trashyy ♥

4. Dad : I really think you're one of the only people in my family I do like. You accept me for who I am and dont try to change me. I love you ♥

5. Mom : You are the person who brought me into this world. I had convinced myself for a while that I did not hate you, thinking it was normal for parents and kids to fight that much. It isnt, though. Im back to thinking I do love you, but we just dont understand eachother. I do love you but we're complicated.

6. {Boy whom I thought would be there for me} :
I know we werent perfect. I just dont know why you couldnt tell me something was wrong, you were leaving. I dont know what I did, and it took so long to get over you, but I know that this is the real you so good luckk ♥

7. Online Friends : I really do love you guys! Hope you know that!

8. God : I love you so much! Thank you for giving me life ♥

9. Half Brother : Dont know you very well but hopefully we'll meet soon.

10. Cousin : You're awesome & we always have fun!

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