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Tips and Tricks for snowsnowsnow!!!
I know I love snow(and off school!) And a storm is coming to Maryland. It is suppose to snow but you never know.. Sooo here we go!

Snow Ritual #1: Wearing Your PJs Inside Out
 And backwards. This snow ritual encourages everyone in the household to spend an evening in their favorite PJs and turn them inside out. This is meant to confuse the snow gods in some strange, very strange way and prompt them to deliver a blanket of snow for the participants.

Snow Ritual #2: Leaving a Spoon Under the Pillow
 Putting a spoon under the pillow is a longstanding superstition that dates back to the days of the Pilgrims. It's a superstition that still lingers in the Midwest and Eastern states, and many people follow it religiously each winter season.

Snow Ritual #3: Flushing Ice Cubes Down the Toilet
 This snow ritual is meant to signify a 'cold front' to the snow gods. Apparently they'll get the message through the sewer system and (hopefully) take action immediately.

Snow Ritual #4: Running Around the Table Five Times
 It's difficult to determine if you need to do this clockwise or counterclockwise, but five seems to be the magic number for the snow gods to pay attention. Four times just won't cut it, and six may be far too many (you might encourage a tsunami instead). Just be careful that you don't knock your knees on the table's edge while doing this.

Snow Ritual #5: Repeating a Snow Chant
 There is limited information on what this magical snow chant may be, but it's likely a variation of the classic 'Let It Snow!' song of the season. Snow lovers in Michigan get busy singing the 'Heikki Lunta' song, a tribute to the snow god Hank Snow. You may develop your own snow chant and just keep repeating it until you see those flurries-or the neighbors make a formal complaint.

Snow Ritual #6: Throwing Ice Cubes Into the Tree
 Grab a few bowls of shaved ice and sprinkle them on trees and bushes around the yard. This ritual is meant to encourage a big freeze, and send a 'cold message' to the snow gods as a prompt.

Drink hot coacoa....
Read a good book...
Play outside...
Watch a movie...
Make yummy food...
Hang out with friends...

 Ready to play snow conjurer? Try any or all of these rituals when you're in dire need of a day off; just don't try them all at once, or you might really confuse the snow gods for good.
Have a great Day!
<3 Shanny
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