It's that time of the year again. For the first and last time of the season, a sudden wind induced chill to your spine causes a mini jitter of joy. Winter is here! But most of all, Christmas is in the air. After Thanksgiving ends, it seems as though everything begins. For the fashion world, many feel that first jolt of the holidays when hurling themselves on the road at 5 A.M in pursuit of grabbing countless items off the shelves full of sales galore. For others, all it takes is a breath of cold air and a few choruses of Jingle Bells to do the trick. No matter how people gain that sense of Holiday cheer, we have to remember the true reason for the season. Don't let the tempting ads fool you, Christmas is the Jesus was born. He went on to save the world with the ultimate sacrifice; dying for our sins on the cross. He is the only son of God and we owe everything we have and ever are to him. Though gifts are great and all, it truly is just stuff. We are incredibly blessed to have more than we need and deserve. We are blessed to be a blessing:) Be sure to give to those in need this season. Regardless of how you get in the mood for the holidays, don't forget the true meaning (CHRISTmas). Yes, it's a very overwhelming time, but if we can keep this in mind, we may just be able to survive those insane cash register lines, icy roads, endless checklists, budgets, and irresistible sugary treats! It doesn't matter what sparks your first holiday magic, but whatever it is, I think now there's one thing we can all agree on: LET IT SNOW!
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