3/24/13 Love this outfit, and those shoes in the left top corner are so perfect. I really need a pair like those. I love them so much! 

1. I must not forget to wish @melissa-beee a very happy birthday! I’m sorry this is late, but I hope you had a wonderful day! I absolutely have always adored your sets; you’ve been such an inspiration! Best wishes to you always! 

2. So I finished John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I don’t really have much to say, just that you need to read it if you have not already. It’s so perfect…it made me laugh and even tear up. And I never really cry….but this book, so perfect that it did. @bestdressx do read it, don’t wait any longer! I know you’ll love it! 

3. Ok, I love my cats to pieces, but I sure do hate cleaning their litter boxes. If any of you have cats, you know what I mean haha! 

4. Ok so I like really can not wait for this weekend, I’ve been waiting for this weekend to come for months. On Saturday it is my aunt’s baby shower I’ve been putting together…and ON SUNDAY IT IS MY FIRST FASHION SHOW! Ahhh I am so excited, have been waiting f o r e v e r. So just now I’ve been trying on bunch of outfits for the shower, I think I’m going with this grey dress. And for the fashion show this other dress that I only wear for special occasions haha! I hope this week goes by fast! <3 

5. If you have a tumblr, you should follow me! My link is f-renchkitty.tumblr.com. Message me there or leave your link below, I will check it out! 

6. QOTD: What is your hair like? Color, style, length, etc. My hair is dark brown, pretty much black, and half way down my back. It’s really crazy and curly. I’m getting a haircut Friday and I can’t wait for that either….plan on cutting my hair about shoulder-length!!!!
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Wrote three years ago
omg i'm so bad, i wasn't on polyvore for a long time so i didn't see your set ..
but i saw it now and i'm so impressed, wow as you said i'm so late but well it's okay :)
thank you so much for this gift you didn't imagine how much it counts to me, how much it's nice and sweet
i love each part of these set , i like the dark colors, that's so chic and rafine ;) but at the same time this look is rock and so fshion, that's why i love your sets!
this is who's an inspiration! :) again thank you're the best <3

Wrote three years ago
perfect! :D xx

Wrote 4 years ago
i missed so many sets of you but i like them all this so cool style dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote 4 years ago
I love this style ) perfect for my office )



Let Your Creativity Burst

Let Your Creativity Burst

Hello darlings! Welcome to our group! It is a pleasure to have you as a member and we hope you enjoy all our contests! LYCB is a group made for all members on Polyvore! All fashion sets are accepted. Every single member on this site has a unique set style and fashion sense and we love to see variety in the group!!! Several stunning sets are created every day! LYCB allows you to showcase your fabulous creations for your fellow friends to see! It also gives you the chance to win contests! LYCB holds many fun and interesting fashion contests all the time! Be sure to enter and get a chance to be one of the lucky winners! If you have any contest ideas that you think the group should have, feel free to message @frenchkitty. Any feedback and suggestions would also be appreciated! We love hearing from our group members!!!!!!

(If you would like me to promote/advertise anything, please send me a message. It could be collections, certain sets, tumblr blogs, your groups, etc. I'd love to help you out.)
Please contact frenchkittyy@gmail.com or message @frenchkitty. Look forward to working with you!

Glitter && Stilettos

Glitter && Stilettos

Welcome to the group for anyone and everyone! You can submit any of your sets (fashion, rps, art, eyeshadows, whatever!). We will also have a lot of contests (once we get enough members), and I would like to do a 50 theme challenge as well! We could also have some battles periodically. Don't hesitate to PM me with questions/suggestions! I'm super excited and I hope this group becomes successful! If you make an advertisement set, PM me the link and you'll get 20 faves! I also will fave any set that wins a contest! =]

Fashion is a style of life

Fashion is a style of life

Hello ladies! This is my first group and I would like to invite you to join it!! Everyone is welcome! Feel free to join! :))

My Truth Lies In Fashion

My Truth Lies In Fashion

A group for those of us who put ourselves as well as our fashion into our sets. Those of us who go for artistic beauty and meaning as well as cute clothes. :) Plenty of contests as well. Submit all your favorite sets.♥
Application Process: Alright so this isn't a battle group or anything but since I've recently been getting SO many applications I think that it is necessary to explain how I choose who is accepted and who is rejected.

First of all, I thank you all so much for all the applications. When I look through applications I try to be pretty leniant. I accept everyone who I think has at the very least:
~decent set designs
~great style
~seems to know how to use the set maker
That means no sloppy sets thrown together haphazardly. Also, the clothes that you choose should actually look good together, like you could imagine someone, maybe not me or you, but someone, wearing them in real life and pulling it off. Lastly, that you don't choose random crops that look awkward and unnatural.
Here's what I made My Truth lies in Fashion for. It's explained briefly but really, it's for people who spend time trying to make their sets aesthetically beautiful in every way. The clothes, the pictures, the set up, it all looks good because you care about how it turns out and you love fashion.
But as I said I am pretty lenient in applications because the fact that you want to join shows that you're willing to try. I can't say I'm perfect, my sets aren't the best sets on polyvore, and I know how hard it is, especially just starting out to figure out what to do and how to get it exactly right. So, if I feel that though your sets may not be so good that I would have invitied you myself if I had come across you on my own (see below) but I see that your set design isn't too bad, and you have great style, then I will let you in because you have the potential to be great. I also take into consideration how long you have been on the site.
Also, if I don't get back to you immediately don't think that it means you're not accepted. I may take a while to go check on the applications or sometimes I leave people in the application box because they have just recently joined and their style isn't bad but their set making just isn't up to par yet I still think you could be great, though it's too early to tell.
I would just like to take a minute to note that if you have NO SETS I will automatically reject you even if you have just joined because I feel like it just means you put no thought into applying. But I do admit, it is a little unfair since I have not seen you make any sets so please, do PM me to look at you if this is/was your case and you still would like to join.
In addition, if I do reject you, yet you do feel like your sets have changed and improved greatly since then, please PM me I am willing to re-evaluate you though I do not guarentee a change in a results.
And once you are accepted, I'd greatly appreciate it if you enter contests. This isn't some sort of command, once you are in you are probably going to remain in, I have never taken any one out, though I don't promise anything.
Contests: I do judge contests kind of meticulously. And just recently have I have began making contests by the sets you submit! I choose these from what beautiful sets catch my eye on the group's main page (I look from recent sets and work upwards), so submit your sets and maybe... ;)
Also, I do try and let everyone get a chance to win. So, someone who won first place on the last contest most likely will not win first in the next contest. In addition, I do not allow more than two sets from one member to place.
Invitations: I'm the type of polyvorian that likes back on follows and set likes, and I do spend a lot of time on polyvore anyways. So if I see someone that I feel has gorgeous sets; really just beautiful design, stunning outfits...(not necessarily many likes!) and just does a great job making sets, I will invite you. (:

Thank you for visiting!


Welcome Back

Welcome Back

377 sets from 22 members. Ended 4 years ago.
It's been a while! Anything goes for this contest. 2 Weeks; No Limit; 12 winners! Let's try to get some trophies!

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