I've been hoping to find a good HP rp for a while now. So that's why I'm trying out. I haven't written stories for ANYTHING in like two weeks, not for fun. 

Anyway, how are you? How was your Holidays, if you're American? How was your weekend?
[I know everyone's trying out for a Slyth, and I feel bad about doing one too, but she's based off a character I started a while ago, and Semper said she trusted me to be badass about it, so I'm going to try my luck. anyway.]

Maya Demidov
age: seventeen
year: sixth
house: slytherin
blood status: half-blood
BIO [Maya has many secrets kept beneath the constant tapping twitch of her hands. What people know of Maya, except for her love of a certain type of muggle music called ‘Punk’ which is strangely genuine, are generally built on assumptions. She has a natural cool backed with sarcastic wit, but her certain tendency to dress like a psychoslut in impossible heels and tampered uniforms leaves witches weary and wizards left hanging. She loves to dominate, or so she thinks, and pretends to be bisexual when her most trusted confidant knows a manly swagger and submission is to her virginal, dog-in-heat, taste. She has a temperament which she had to learn to control--her anger often caused magical mishaps when she was a child, leading to the traumatizing death of her first rabbit, among others--and this is why she became the quiet [mistaken for brooding or contemptuous] girl who lurks the halls, green streak down her inky hair. Cunning and ambitious with great respect for her house, Maya still talks to anyone, carrying a certain personality for her more conservative housemates to let it slide. Yet, even with their respect, she plays a shaky fence trying to hide her best kept secret.]
model: [Meghan Collision] [Lol, I know. All those models and I keep picking her.]
Top Choices: 

BIO [ Sarcastic and secretive with an affinity for potions. she tries her hardest to keep the rest of her house from knowing that she’s a half-blood.]
[This is the one I wrote the bio for.]

age: fifteen
year: fifth year
house: slytherin
blood status: muggle-born
BIO [personality: child-like innocence with an affinity for following others. but they're looking for a way to be more of a star and less of an understudy]
model: [suggested: Ciara Nugent]
taken by:

age: sixteen
year: sixth
house: gryffindor
blood status: pure-blood
BIO [personality: outspoken and determined with and affinity for leadership. despite being a pure-blood herself, she cannot stand the elitist attitude many of her kind have and she plans on doing something about it.]
model: [suggested: Mathilde Frachon]
taken by:
Story to come shortly.
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