" i can't wait 'til i get you on the floor, good-looking. going out so hot, just like an oven and i'll burn myself, but just had to touch it. it's so fire and it's all mine. "

justin timberlake + jay z // suit & tie 

---- ♥ ---- 

ayyooooo. itssss ricoooooo. nah, its just jesy. l o l o l. i'm so lame. i had to get all dressed up for a regional club meeting and i met a cute guy there. and i actually talk to him! i ate lunch with him when our schools went to lunch. fkdbbf its was perf, but i didn't get his number bc i forgot to ask. .-. for right now, i have a huge headache for no reason at all. my favorite tumblr user hasn't update in days and i feel alone. woot. ugh, whatever. at least i got my cat with me..

anyway, would you please do my crushtag? i'd love it if you would and thank you if you already did it.♥ 

+ j3sy x

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