I felt Tristan's fingers lightly tracing over my entire body which tickled me.
"Baby, stop."
"Stop what?"
"Stop doing that with your fingers, it's tickling me."
"Well, Liv, where would you prefer my fingers to be?" His hands slowly reached my nether regions and started poking around.
My body jerked, "Baby!"
"Don't worry, you'll pay later. Now why did you wake me up, it's only 8!"
"Breakfast. I called room service, it should be on it's way right now."
I squealed and clapped my hands, "baby, that's so sweet of you. Strawberries?"
"Of course, lots."
"I love you! I think I'm going to reward you with some shower sex."

The rest of the day was filled with even more beach time with everybody this time and watching TVAR and The Cellar Rats play. Daze was still the same b.itch. She was getting closer and closer to a b.itch slap. Tristan made us go back to the villa just in case my hand slipped all pulled all her hair.

After a round of extremely fulfilling sex, just saying ladies, it's always better when someone is angry, I was exhausted, but I wanted to ask him something that had been on my mind for a while. I cuddled up to him and rubbed his chest.
"Trist, can I ask you a question and you not get all worked up or freaked out over it?"
"Before we broke up, you wanted to marry me, right?"
"Do you still want to?"
"Of course,"
"What about kids?"
"Do you want them?"
"Maybe, eventually."
"Then if you want kids, you get kids. You'll get whatever you want."
"But do you want them?"
"Yeah, I mean, I don't want the brady bunch, but a few would be fine."
"What about moving to the suburbs? Settling down, would you do that?"
"For you, yes. Why are you even asking? Of course I'll do it for you."
"You know how to get a girl to give it up to you." He smiled at me.
"Hold on a sec." He sat up and leaned over the bed
"What are you doing?"
"Be patient." He got back up and turned around; holding a little velvet box.
"Trist..." I stared at him wide-eyed.
"I've been carrying it out for a few weeks in my pocket, waiting for the right time, but this time is just as good as ever."
"Oh my god."
"If you want to be engaged, say yes, but if you want to wait, there's no hard feelings. I'll ask you later."
"Yes, of course I will. What kind of question is that?" He slipped the ring on my finger, "oh my god, we're engaged!"
He laughed at me, "you're cute."
"I know. Where did you get this ring? It's gorgeous!"
"It was my mother's." I smiled, neither of us talked about his parents. I knew it hurt him on the inside. I kissed him.
"Well, it's absolutely beautiful."
"Question; when do we tell me everybody?" He grinned at me.
"God, it's going to be chaos."
I laid back down and cuddled into his side. I just kept staring at the ring, "it looks like you're going to have to go get it sized."
"Yeah, but still it's amazing. You know this ring means more to me than any other thousands of dollar ring could."
"I'm happy you like it baby."
I fell asleep content in his side, knowing I made the right decision.
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