Yes, I /would/ dare to use those lyrics ^.^ CL is so bad ass in this song, including the english version! This is an Exclusivity 'comeback' set! I really missed my character.

Volumnia & Darien are in Manhattan, the two of them will be interviewed for a couples' magazine.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“Wake up, babe!” he jumped on the bed, scaring me.

I opened my eyes wide, but then relaxing myself after seeing his face. His handsome face. Those green eyes looking into mine as we snuggled back into bed. 

“W-Where’s my coffee?” I asked 

He looked back at me, “You never asked for one...” 

We both laughed and walked to the kitchen, hand in hand. He turned on the coffee-maker and took out our signature bagel box, a New York tradition. Even if I was from Russia, and not New York, I still loved the food here, and lived my life like a real American. I acted differently in each country I traveled to. Maybe that’s why I gain different kinds of friends, and lose them at the same time. Maybe that’s why I’m confusing and have a multi-personality. Well, that’s just me, just Volumnia.

“So what’s the magazine for anyway?” Darien asked

“It’s a couples’ magazine...for love and that sh-t.” I replied.

I never believed in ‘true love’ since it seemed awful in movies. It was too romantic or too harsh. I was always afraid of commitment. Any kind of commitment ; whether it was friendship, promises, bets, and especially relationships. Darien was the same, that’s why we agreed on “no strings attached”. But later on, my other men became a little...unsatisfactory in bed, while Darien made me feel loved and important. I was the only woman in his life, and I think that’s what made me realize how much I needed him. 

Darien prepared my coffee while I spread cream cheese on our bagels. “What time is the interview?” he asked, 

“ two hours...” 

“Hmm...what can we do in the meantime...” he asked himself

“I know what we can do...” I winked.

I actually didn’t mean bedtime. I just wanted to enjoy nothingness with him because everything felt right around him, as cliche as that sounds.

“Vol...why are we always about s-x?” he asked, staring out the window

“I...I don’t know...I guess it’s as physically close as we can ever get.” I responded, spacing out, remembering all my recent hookups, maybe not with Darien, but most of them were. I was probably the most promiscuous Russian girl. But I didn’t care..not now, not ever.

- - 

We sat in the living room reading Flipped. I tried not to imagine scenarios of my childhood ; I resembled the girl of the story...I was a creepy obsessive neighbor back in the day.But that’s an experience to be explained later on.

- -
It was time for the interview. Darien and I walked our way to the magazine offices. The editor in chief : Stephanie led us into her office. It was surprisingly minimal and spacious. White walls, clear-glass desks and tables, accompanied by stools that were uncomfortable. Small and bright flowers placed beside the window, and a walk-in closet, you know..incase her home is destroyed...most unlikely...

“Thank you for coming!” she said, quickly sipping the last drops of coffee

“Oh it’s our pleasure!” I said, nudging Darien to say something

“Yes thanks for the opportunity.” he said, smiling, nearly genuinely

Stephanie rolled her swivel chair closer into her desk, looking at both of us, then her stack of papers, “So, I’d like to start off with some background questions...”

“Okay...first one , Volumnia, what was your life like /before/ meeting Darien?” 

I took a deep breath, “Well...I can’t say I was a virgin back then, but I was definitely a flirty rich b-tch. I had a fear of commitment, and there were multiple men in my life, excluding family members.” I admitted...

“And, Darien, what was your life before meeting Volumnia?” 

He glanced at me quickly, then turning back to Stephanie, “Uhm, I was also afraid of commitment, and I wasn’t a flirt...I was more antisocial than anyone...I hated communicating with people and I was completely lost in the world.” 

I placed my hand on his, gripping it, firmly. We watched as Stephanie typed her questions and our answers. I looked at Darien for a few seconds, with the knowledge of his past. 

“Next one, Volumnia, do you remember how you two met? First impression?” 

I coughed, smiled, and said, “Oh...we were at some frat party at a college neither of us went to. We just woke up together the next morning...and then I was too afraid to go since my clothes burnt somehow...When I first saw him, I thought he was the hottest guy there, although I was drunk. His facial hair and bleached blonde were a hugeeee turn-on.” I smiled at him

Darien laughed as Stephanie asked him the same question. 

“Uhm, I thought Vol was cute. She had on this Power Ranger helmet on, and then she...puked in it...but I thought she was genuinely cool. I really liked her. I don’t even know how I could afford a girl like her, she was full of life since our first night.” 

The question summed up to 13. I was feeling a little insecure about sharing this with every reader of the magazine, but, i felt relieved knowing that I didn’t have men to hide from...anymore. I was actually in a real relationship with someone and I didn’t have to tell another guy to jump out the window naked...It was pure this time.
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