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November 15: Nadia is throwing a get-together for all the girls to a brunch. Put on that stunning Dior dress, and make an entrance, the world will be watching. But this brunch won't just be filled with finger sandwiches and tarts, dears. Something else is in store.
Story after I finish writing my 3 page essay.
It was kind of due today, and I forgot...
I swung open the doors with a loud bang, as A giggled beside me. Everyone turned to look at the commotion, as we strutted in side by side, arms linked. Labella rolled her eyes, and I blew her a kiss. Anyone think they can bring A + B down?

Bring your game, whorres.

We swiped up champagne, and kissed Nadia hello. 

"So, what's this I hear about some fight?" Nadia wiggled her perfect eye-brows at us. I laughed, as A snickered.

"Labella, Roxy and Sasha are like trying to take us down or something." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Sasha? Hah. I'm on your side. Oh, and I'll give you any back up if you need it dears. I am Nadia Wang!" She said, giving us a soft wave of the hand as she sauntered off. 

"I think thats the first time she's been nice to me..." A shook her head surprised.

"It's because of the drama. When Nadia encounters drama, she just wants it to keep coming. Also, she doesn't want that sluut, Sasha, getting in the way of her crown!" I said, sipping my champagne while emphasizing the word sluut.

"Totally" A stared at the 3 girls at the end of the room.

"Let's call them LRS... Little Rat Sluts!" I cried, almost tipping over from gigging too hard. A covered her mouth to keep from laughing and spitting out her champagne.

I think Labella heard us, because I saw her storm toward us, her eyes narrow in anger.

"Oh look. It's one of the Little Rat Sluts!" A snickered. I licked my lips, and they tasted like champagne and Chanel lipstick.

"Wow. You two are super mature. Go get some other friends." She shook her head at us like an adult. Her, an adult? Please.

"Hah. You think Sasha and Roxy actually like you? They are probably just using you for the spotlight. Because all the shiit goes back to Labella doesn't it? You know what, everyone hates you. Just like Rob right? Spilling tears for nothing, right dear?" I spat, furious at her.

Her eyes grew wide, And I knew I hit a soft spot.

"Oooh, looks like Labella isn't so tough anymore! I'm sorry Rob dumped you. It was just because he was drunk right? Or did he think you were a skanky cheap whore and wanted to get in your bed!?" I yelled at her.

"You don't know anything about me!! You don't know my life, or who I date! So get the fuckk out of my life, Belle!" Labella screamed, as people turned in to look at us.

"Psycho whorre" A muttered, as Roxy and Sasha stumbled over to see what happened.

I turned to A. "I think I'm hungry A. All these rat slutts are getting to my stomach." I pouted, winking at A. She winked back, and we walked away to sit down with the rest of the girls and enjoy some brunch. 

I turned away for a second, before I felt a cold drink being spilled over my head. I felt like slapping her, and I whipped around to face Sasha, holding a champagne glass. 

"Oops, I tripped Belle. Don't think I did that for Labella, because remember, she has no friends!" Sasha cooed, as Labella stood proudly next to her.

I stood tall, and cocked my head.

"I actually think it was the best love. Now I can get that dirty rat smell from my hair. Being around you guys really spreads it around."

"I think being around you girls brings out the worst in everyone. You are heartless bitchess anyway!" Roxy said, coming out of no where.

"Um, who are you anyway? Oh, sorry Roxy. Another rat." A spat while I giggled at them.

They stood together. "We could get all of Shanghai to turn against you girls. Because everyone hates you!" Labella said.

"Wait, I thought that was Labella we were talking about! You guys must of mixed it around. Bye girlies, I must go eat." I said, walking off with A.

"You don't eat, anorexic whorre!" One of them shouted. I stuck up the middle finger, not even bothering to turn around. They aren't worth it anyway...

xo, Belle.


BTW, girls in this, if you want to add more drama, you can. And sorry if it makes it look like we 'won'. I tried not to do that, but it's hard....
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