So you know about the scandal of IU and Eunhyuk?
It's pretty old now. And I want to talk about this now because some people are still hatin' on IU.
I was soo Pissed when I heard what 'former' IU fans did to her.
They ripped her poster
Posted rude things about her
There is a freakin' 1 to 0 chance that you would EVER date him.
SO Just calm yo nipples down. ANd STFU
If they want to date don't be hatin'. 
They should be lovin' and you shouldn't be hatin'.
And I have to say Leon ENT. and SM ENT. is at fault too.
FIrst because SM didn't say ANYTHING about this. They need to start actually doing something for their employee. They thought they didn't have to do anything cause the fans only put the blames on the IU. SM get your act together and do something! If you fire EunHyuk, Yo money gonna be gone. Eunhyuk is my fave. in SUJU and I don't want him to leave SUJU.

Secondly, Leon you could have made a better excuse. Saying that EunHyuk visited IU because she was sick. She looked fine. To me EunHyuk looked sick. And why would EunHyuk be SHIRTLESS if she is sick. I'm not saying he was, but I no see strap or anything or a shirt. Leon you need to get your act together as well.

You fans need to realize that what you did was horrible and rethink about this, and you might regret what you did later on.
All the fault shouldn't be only on IU.

That's all I had to say about this

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