Teenage Dream [acoustic] - Blaine Anderson [glee]

I was tagged by several people, including @aloha-its-linna to do this to short form // questions to make you feel more secure ♥
list as many things you think why you're insecure;; 
- I'm fat 
- My hair sometimes goes really puffy and frizzy
- I don't have a thigh gap. 
- My hair gets tangled.
- if i wear eyeliner i'm said to be 'trying too hard'

list at least five things you LIKE about yourself;
- I'm reasonably tall ;; 5ft 6
- My hair goes curly and sets in ringlets
- I have brown hair + big brown eyes
- I have a nice complexion and wear hardly any make-up
- I have lots of poly friends, who seem to care about me a lot ♥
-I'm smart [i'm not be conceited. - i'm a expected a*, a and b's in everything ]

do this challenge;; I double dutch dare you to look at a mirror every morning and say, 'I'm beautiful'

- I want all my taglist to do this please -
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