Oceans ll Coasts.

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"Aria are you coming?" Ally asked. The girls , Scott and Dean have all decided to go down to the beach (again). I on the other hand had just woke up and honestly i just wanted to go back to sleep. I yawned covering my mouth as i done so , i may be many things but rude is not one of them.

"I'll come down when i am awake." I mumbled flopping back onto the couch. "Why are you people awake so early anyway? We are on holidays." I said once again yawning. 

"Aria it is 11.45." Ally said raising an eyebrow , I looked over at the clock. She was right , da,mn it. "Well..." I said before shrugging "Still early for holidays."

Ally just shook her head while Dean came over poking me as he did so "What did you do to make you tired?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "Not hiding a boy in your room are you?" He asked smirking. I rolled my eyes while at one point i did hide Spencer in this house , he was in Dean's room and just to further add he wasn't here anymore.

"Oh but ofcourse." I said rolling my eyes at him. "I thought Scott might get lonely being the only guy here." I said smirking. Dean just rolled his eyes "Lets go. Aria is grumpy and there for is no fun." He said grabbing Ally who quickly pulled away. 

"I can wait if you want company?" Ally offered , I looked over at her slightly confused "You don't have to. I'll be fine on my own plus the many beaches await." I said with a smile. She looked unsure "Seriously you have to knock Scott out with the bikini body of yours." I said with a wink.

Ally blushed slightly before walking out past Dean who was standing near the door. "You get need to stop being a b.tch. Seriously Cohen." He said before following the rest to the beach.

I rolled my eyes , i wasn't being a beach , i was sleepy. I had earned a long sleep in considering i was usually up the first when we are at school. Plus i am not missing much the beach will be there in a few hours. Hey it would even be there tomorrow. If anyone was being grumpy or biitchy it was Dean.

I layed on the couch for a while doing nothing just watching the curtains move with the breeze which was oddly relaxing. I would have stayed there doing nothing if wasn't for the unfortunate growl that came from my stomach. Ah the downfalls of being a human. The constant need for food. I frowned realising now that since everyone was gone i was going to need get up and get my own food.

"God dam,n it." I growled getting up making my way over to the fridge. I looked around grabbing an ice tea and some fruit salad as i sat on one of stools looking around the kitchen. I could cook , no one was here to stop me but that didn't boost well for my lazy mood.

I could go to the beach. Find a spot and just read which would help with two things on my to do list.
- Get a tan and to read more.

But that would require getting out of my pajama's which way were to comfortable. I shrugged , i'll just figure that out once i finish eating.


I sighed walking out of the house , doing something had won over staying home. So i did eventually get changed though i did seriously consider going in my pajama's. I looked over to the letter box to see a magazine sticking out of it , to take it back to the house or just leave it.

Leave it.

Taking it back to the house would require me walking back and unlocking the door and actually going back in the house and i just couldn't be bother. Plus it was some sort of magazine , maybe a cable tv guide. Who would wanna take that.

"You're new." A voice called over from Anna's house , I looked over rolling my eyes at him a little. "Not really i've been roaming this world for 20 years. Some might even consider that old." I said shrugging. 

The guy smirked jogging over to where i am standing "Twenty , kinda funny , kinda pretty and not related Harley. It is my pleasure to meet you -" The guy said grinning. He was hot , there was no denying that but i had a no guy policy and to be honest he was to smiley and i got the feeling he was very full of himself. 

"Aria." I said "And no not related to any Harley. At least that i know off." I shrugged "Is there something you want?" I asked looking around.

"Company." He said leering at me suggestively. I raised an eyebrow "Well sadly you are gonna have to find someone else because i am busy." 

"Right. So new girl Aria are you relative of Shells?"

"No i am not related to any shells." I said "or Michelle's for that matter." I said rolling my eyes "Are you related to Anna?" I asked , maybe this was her brother , or her fiancee. I hope it wasn't her fiancee that would just be lame and awful. 

He shook his head "No." I frowned f.ck it was her fiancee "I am a friend of her brothers."

Well that was relief. Though in a way i kinda hoped he was so i would have an excuse to slap him. "Right." I said after a moment. 

"So you aren't related to Shelly but you are staying at her house." He said. I looked away hoping to make an escape. I nodded "Yeah we were in the same sorority house , me and a few of my friends are house sitting and no i am not your stereotypical sorority girl so keep it in your pants."

"Hey i wasn't going to suggest anything." he said holding his hand up in defense. 

"Sure you weren't. So do you have a name since you already know mine."

"Codey. 22. From Pasadena." He recited smirking holding a hand out to me for me to shake. I looked at it before sighing shaking it reluctantly.

He was about to say something when a car pulled up beside us. I looked over grinning , "Spencer."

Spencer leaned across opening the window so we could talk. "Ria , Aria's new friend. Don't tell me you got rid of curly already?" Spencer said smirking. I rolled my eyes looking over at Codey who was looking at Spencer curiously. "No , Dean is hanging with the girls probably trying to crack onto Grace."

"So he ditched you to attempt to get lai.d , great friend you got there Ria." Spencer said after a moment. I once again rolled my eyes "So what you are just in the neighborhood?"

He shrugged "Just popped by but you are busy." He said nodding towards Codey. I turned back to face him "Boyfriend?"

"No." I said "I don't do boyfriends. Or relationships."

Codey consider what i said for a minute before breaking out to a big grin. "Good because neither do i." I rolled my eyes at him one last time before hoping into Spencer's car.

After a few minutes of driving "New friend? " Spencer said smirking , I hit him softly on the arm causing him to laugh. "He looked pretty smitten Ria."

"I am just that pretty." I said rolling my eyes "So why did you just pop by? And don't lie i know you don't do anything without a reason."

"I am taking to you to where i am staying and now working." He said with a grin. "Why?" I asked raising an eyebrow. While i would easily say we were friends now i am not sure why he wanted to show me.

"Because i have no one to show off to here and it's is severely crashing my mood." Spencer said. "Plus you and curls are the only two people i know and i'd rather spend time with you to be honest."

"I am /so/ honored." I said with a teasing grin. I leaned back in the chair looking out the window as we passed various locations all of them blurring into one stream of sky and trees. "So where is this new job?" I asked looking out the beach.

"On the boardwalk." Spencer said "We are about five minutes away."



"So you work here?" I asked looking around the club. He nodded grinning proudly "And i even have a room to stay here."

I raised an eyebrow, what was he sleeping the bar or something "There is a back room." He informed. "Cool." I said nodding "You could have stayed with us you know. I am sure the girls wouldn't have mind."

He shook his head "It's cool i like it here."

"Why?" I asked scrunching my nose up. It was a nice place , sure, but it wasn't something to be excited about , it looked any other club. 

"Because it has alcohol on tap , i earn money , it gives me a place to stay and it has live music that i can easily get tickets to."

"Well when you put it like that." I said with a smile. "So what do you do here exactly? Since you aren't legally allowed to sell alcohol." 

"Cleaning mostly." He said shrugging "But it is something."

"Oh how the mighty Starbuck barista has fallen." I teased , Spencer grinned "It's true. This Malibu life style is to much for me."

"Clearly." I said dryly. "So they just hired you."


"It was a girl wasn't it?"


I nodded "I really don't want to know anymore." I said "Can we get food now and to the beach."

"Sure i saw a hot dog stand on the pier."

There goes my healthy eating.
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