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I was tagged by @daughter-of-the-doctor

Available: of course.
Birthday: le trois d'avril
Crush: yes. and none of them are real or the right age for me. 
Drink You Last Had: diet Coke
Easiest Person to talk to: MY best friend @abbeybabs :) and my best friend Macy, too
Fav Song: Julia by The Beatles
Gummy bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy bears.
Hometown: the boring-est place ever.
In Love: No.
Killed someone?: uhhhhhhh what!?
Longest Car Ride: 11 hours
Milkshake Flavor: chocolate 
Number of Siblings: one
One Wish: to make new friends when I go to a new school next year
Person you called last: i don't really call people :( 
Reason to smile: I'm off school all next week!
Song You Last Sang: Girls by Walter Meego 
Time you woke up: 5:30 :( :( thats when I have to wake up for school :'(
Underwear Color: uhhhhh why do you need to know?
What is the temperature outside?: 65 degrees or something. (thats cold for where im from)
What Radio Station do you listen to?: I hate all our local stations so I listen to XM. On Xm i listen to Alt Nation
What was the last thing you bought: haha I"m too cheap to remember the last time I bought something
What was the last thing you watched on TV: I don't have a TV but the last thing I watched was Adventure Time on Youtube (I had to do a summary for school)
Who was the last person You took a picture of: Me I guess
Ever really Cried Your Heart out?: no
Ever cried on your friends shoulder: nope
Ever Cried Yourself to Sleep: Yeah after The End of Time.
Ever cried over the opposite gender: I cried when David Tennant regenerated, so yeah.
Do songs make you cry?: YES. Even if they aren't sad, I cry because they are so beautiful. and when I sing, I cry, too. Its really weird.
Are You a Happy Person: Basically yes. :)
What is Your Hair Color: dirty blonde

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