Let's chase the sunset .!

This summer, I decided to change everything in my life. Eat clean, dress amazing, be positive and have an amazing summer. I know I'm not the only one and someone told me to try this. To start over. Since then my life changed dramatically. I found my true self. So, back at the subject. This summer: bright colors, dip-dyed clothes and pretty much anything, flower print tops, shorts, dresses, bags, etc. Then, there are the crazy summer nights when you have to dress edgy. Try anything studded, for example a studded bra with high-waist shorts, earrings and the unmissable high heels. Of course, if there are summer nights when you just go out for a walk, try a maxi dress with sandals, preferable brown, black or a light color, for example if you have a blue dress, try green or yellow sandals if you don't want brown/black, add a piece of jewelry to the outfit and you're done. At the beach, the swimwear: you can try fringed swimsuit, retro swimsuit, the usual bikinis or if you are young and crazy, you can try a swimsuit with superheroes, floral print swimsuit, and you can try a one-piece swimsuit with a funny print or just a color, and with a cut-out. On top of it just throw a large blouse, the sandals or flip-flops, the unmissable sunglasses and eventually a hat. Try to drink water as much as you can, eat fresh fruits, gather all your friends in one place, everyday and have fun. These are the things you need to have an amazing summer, and let's not forget, have a dirty crazy mind because life is so much funnier :)
Enjoy your summer xx

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