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I was tagged by @starlight41 in her amazing set 
1. Your favorite colour? Now it's green
2. Favorite type of food? Italian and everything cooked in the oven
3. Favorite memory? travel-related
4. Favorite book? The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
5. Role Model? don't know
6.If you had to choose a character from Harry Potter, who would it be? definitely Severus
7. Shorts or skirts? skirts
8.Necklaces or scarfs? scarf for sure!!
9. Movies or books? books, I am reading-all-the-time person
10. If you had to choose between living in a jungle or on a beach, which would you choose? beach
11. Subject in which you accel the most in? maybe it was scrapbooking
Tag List :)
@gogachka, @alexandragoga, @kat1973, @bam-macbain, @dragonrescuer, @buttercup08, @tophercouture, @pantherstyle, @the-freckled-gypsy, @ivybui, @barbarela11
I'd be happy to see your answers on this questions:
1. Your favorite quote
2. Do your polyvore sets looks like outfits you wear in real life?
3. Best day in your life was...?
4. Who's your style inspiration?
5. What new movie do you look forward to this year?
6. Who is your fave fashion designer?
7. 3 things you Must have in your wardrobe
8. Fav book, song, film and series
9. Fav imaginary character (from book, film or serial)
10. Sleeve or sleeveless?
11. What is the story behind your username?
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